Kristen Stewart’s Breaking Dawn Beauty!

THE TIME IS ALMOST HERE! Breaking Dawn will be making its first public debut at midnight, and I am so beyond excited! Yes, I am one of those crazy teen Twilight fans: Team Jacob, might I add. I have my four best friends in tow and we will be hitting the theater at 9:00 this evening to hop in line for the long awaited Part One of the saga! In preparation for the film, I have been stalking out the stars for the past month. The L.A. premiere was Monday night and Kristen Stewart looked incredible! I LOVED her dress, and her makeup was gorgeous! Here’s an idea of the products you could use to achieve this light smoky look!



You can’t 100 percent see it in this shot, but Kristen’s smokey charcoal eye has a bit of a pink neutral undertone to it. I think the NARS Trio Eyeshadow in Delphes would be more than perfect! I would start with the peach shade in the inner corner and lightly dusted over the lid. Then go to town with the center grey shade! Pull the shadow up into a cat eye in the outer corner, but make sure to blend it really well. There are no harsh lines in this look. You could take a darker shade like MAC’s Print and apply it in a v-shape in the outer corner as well. This will just add that extra dimension and take the look to another level.







Kristen barely has on any blush. I would use Benefit’s Dandelion boxed powder for this look. It is a brightening powder that will add a hint of light pink flush to your face. Apply it in a C-shape from your cheek bones up the sides of your temples and you will look perfectly refreshed and have a subtle glow.











This is my absolute favorite mascara of the moment! You all know I swear by drugstore mascaras and don’t waste my money on the fancy stuff. This is L’Oreal’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes mascara. It separates your lashes with perfection and then with every coat lengthens them flawlessly. Just curl your lashes and then layer it on. Two little mascara hints that you may or may not already know: heat up your curler with a blow dryer and don’t let your mascara dry in between coats. Make sure not to get your curler too hot because you’ll burn your eyelid (yes, I have done it before), and keep your mascara wand moving. Wiggle it from root to tips and don’t let it dry before you finish, you’ll end up with gross clumps and a flaky mess.






The last thing (which I guess would technically be the first thing you would do) is concealing any dark eye circles and blemishes. Kristen always has perfect smooth milky skin, and even though that’s totally not the case for any of us, we can definitely fake it! I would recommend using Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit. It comes with an AWESOME concealer and then a finishing powder to get that line-free, flawless look. This concealer is seriously the best consistency ever. It’s very blendable and covers anything you could possibly need it to!





Are any of you ladies going to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 tonight!? Which team are you on? And what do you think about Kristen’s vampire-loving makeup?



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