Les Jeans de Chanel

I am a complete nail polish junkie. I have every color of the rainbow and then some! You can never have too many shades of one color in my book, and that philosophy will stand true for the limited edition Les Jeans de Chanel collection. It is a three polish set inspired my another one of my obsessions, blue jeans! There is a darker, medium, and light shade to represent the three main denim washes, and of course I want them all! I seriously cannot wait!
I don’t wear light jeans very often, but I am loving Coco Blue (middle). It’s a brilliant sky shade that makes me think of flying through the clouds. My nails would brighten my day right up during the occasionally gloomy Fall with its carefree and happy hue. It’s actually my personal favorite, and I can’t wait to pair it with some super dark skinnies and a loose white tee! Some silver flats and a light scarf would be great as accessories. Too Cute! Ahh, I’m getting more excited with every word I type!

Then there’s Blue Boy (right), a few shades darker than previous lacquer. This shade is still just as fabulous and resembles your classic wash jeans. It’s just very crisp and clean. This color denim has actually been very hot this season, and obviously it’s not going anywhere. It’s a shade that I can actually say I don’t own which makes me love it even more! You could pair this color with almost anything, and I think it’s a lot more versatile than Coco Blue.

Blue Rebel (left) is the third and final color of the collection. It’s your glamorous dark wash denim shade, and I think it’s gorgeous! Blue Boy is actually only a few shades lighter. When I first looked at the picture I thought they were both the same, but look closely and you’ll realize I was wrong! You guys should know how much I love dark polish, so naturally I would probably wear this one the most. With that being said, I have several polishes that are very similar to this, but  none are this exact shade. It’s more of a navy blue, but not so dark that it will look black.
 You can find these polishes come September 8th on chanel.com or in Chanel boutiques. Not soon enough for me though! I’m so excited and can’t wait to fancy up my nails with denim shades. Do you like the Les Jeans collection? What are your opinions on different shades of one color?
Image sources: www.elle.com

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