Let… It… Snow… ?

Yeah, I said it. Snow. Today, in my pretty little town in upstate NY we are experiencing our first snowfall. It might not be as shocking if I lived in a mountain village near the Canadian border. But no”¦ I’m am 10 miles west of Albany, the state capital, in an area that really is’t due for its first snow, nor ready for it either.

While outside picking up my vehicle from getting new brakes (and just in time it seems!), I could’t help but look at the pretty white flakes sticking to the cars, the grass, the trees, my HAIR! White was everywhere. It might be early but it certainly was pretty.

This got me to thinking when I got home””what were some of my favorite WHITE makeup items? White is a great accent color when you want a pop of wow or a flash of frost. I would feel naked if I did’t have some sort of white makeup in my collection. (And I’m not even a mime!) So what do I have that is white and glistens like the new snow and ca’t live without? Let’s see”¦..

Make Up For Ever Pearly Waterproof Shadow Pencil in “Metallic White” ““ Eye color pencils are becoming a thing of the past which is sad because I wanted them to be a huge part of my future. I love my MUFE Shadow Pencil. I can use it as a base, an all over eye shimmer or an impacting highlighter. The color lasts all day, and the pencil enables me to use it above and below the last lines. ($18.00)

Jess’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in “Starshine” ““ If pencils are’t your thing, then this loose shadow might be just what you want. A whole lot of pigment and a lot of shimmer is packed into this powder eyeshadow. The sifter jar is large in size but small in price. A great deal! ($4.99)

Sephora by OPI in “How Many Carats?” ““ Sometimes when you are keeping things crisp and casual, a nice white sparkling nail is the perfect touch. What I love about this sheer, metallic snowflake nail color is that you can do anything with it. Design it, “crackle” it or just keep it plain. No matter what you do, you are sure to look chic! ($9.50)

Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in “Star” ““ Ever since I was 16 years old, I’ve had some sort of white lipstick or lip gloss buried in my makeup drawer. Although I do have to say, those were the 80’s and it was’t really buried. It was kind of on top. Now, a nice white gloss can be worn alone for a sheer, sparkly evening look or worn over any other color for extra shimmer and shine! ($23.00)

Urban Decay Sparkling Lickable Body Powder in “Marshmallow” ““ Yes, you read that right. It’s hard to get by the word “˜lickabl’, but the scent and shimmer makes this one of the best body glitters I have ever had. The sparkle is fine and does’t scream pole dancer. And although I’ve never actually had someone tell me it tastes yummy”¦ from my own test? It’s yummy! ($20.00)

The fact is, I wo’t be breaking out any holiday decorations yet, and if I am lucky, I wo’t have Trick or Treaters stopping by on Monday arriving on sleds. But the fact is, the flakes are falling, the ground is covered, and my little world is white. While the shimmery stuff fluffs onto the ground, think about what types of white shimmer you have in your cosmetic collection”¦. what do YOU have or what do you plan to add?

(Snow scene outside my car repair lot. Ugh!)

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