Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag ““ Introduction for

Little Black Bag ““ Introduction for

Not your average online shopping experience!

Little Black Bag has discovered a totally new way to make online shopping a social experience. It all starts with a style quiz. Once you let LBB know your sense of style, they put together a personalized gallery of purses, jewelry, watches and makeup.  You pick one item from the gallery and the stylists at LBB pick out two to three other “surprise items” they think you will love.

Here is the exciting part! Once you open your bag and see what’s inside, you can begin the incredibly entertaining experience of trading your items with other members on the site! All trading happens online.  If you are thrilled with every item, then go ahead and ship your bag so you can enjoy all of your new goodies. If there are other items that you would love to get, you have seven days to trade until you end up with your perfect bag.

All of the products on LBB come from designer brands like Betsey Johnson, BGBGeneration, butter LONDON, Cargo Cosmetics and so much more.

Need help deciding what to trade for? Follow the new Makeup Talk Stylist page on LBB to check out our favorite picks. You can also see what’s inside our latest bag and even vote to help us decide what to keep or trade.

Check out what LBB members are saying on the Little Black Bag discussion forum or head over to Little Black Bag and discover what is in your Little Black Bag!

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  1. That sounds pretty cool, it seems to be a kind of personal shopping, the survey at the start could ensure that you will be expected by the most relevant products and this process could save some time which I hate about e-shopping. I have to check it out and give it a try!

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