L’Oreal HiP Cream Shadow Paints

IMG 1819 LOreal HiP Cream Shadow Paints

These Cream Shadow Paints from L’Oreal’s HiP (High Intensity Pigment) line have been around for awhile, but I feel like they don’t get the attention they deserve. I still see them at the drugstore for around $9 to $12 each. I don’t think they will be around much longer, so jump on them if you can. I have seen them for sale on eBay (new makeup – don’t buy used) and for cheaper than they can be purchased for in the makeup section at the drugstore.


These come packaged with a brush, but it is small, rough and useless. I tossed all of mine out. I don’t know if other people found them useful, but I was not able to apply the cream shadow paint the way I wanted to with the brush. I like the tube they come in. It is a metal tube similar to MAC Paints. The tube doesn’t squish too easy, so I have no problem getting the exact amount of cream shadow paint out that I want. Hooray for not wasting makeup!


When L’Oreal says Cream Shadow Paint, they mean it. This stuff is creamy! And not in a greasy way, but in a glides-nice-and-smooth-without-gripping-my-lids kind of way. I prefer to apply this with my fingers (as I do with most cream products), but because it is so creamy you could use a fluffy brush (if you prefer) to apply this to the lid and fade out the edges.

Every shade in the range is opaque. You can sheer them out if needed. I prefer them this way over sheer color that has to be built up. I can get opaque coverage on my eye without having to use a lot of product and ending up with a cakey looking texture to my eye lids. A little goes a long way with these, so you can expect them to last you a good amount of time before needing to be replaced.


You can probably already tell that I really love these, especially since I bought every color in the range. They perform beautifully. Keep in mind, I use these as a base for my eyeshadow looks and not as a stand alone shadow. I also use a primer underneath since I have oil slicks for eye lids, so if you are wondering if these will crease without a primer my answer is “I don’t know”. With a primer and used as a base, they last me all day without a bit of creasing or fading. They really make my shadows pop. Witty and Steely are great for creating Kim Kardashian-style smoky eye looks.

Overall Thoughts:

I love them and highly recommend them to anyone who loves to use bases under their eyeshadow. I do have one complaint, though, and it is not about their performance. Their color range sucks! They are all neutrals. I love neutrals, but come on now. How about some purples or blues or greens. They are fabulous and I would buy them in just about any color they came out with. Hot pink? Why yes, please! Are you listening L’Oreal?

IMG 1833 LOreal HiP Cream Shadow Paints

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  1. These are great colours and I expect highly pigmented. However the problem with cream-based shadows is that they tend to ‘slip’ and crease pretty easily. I try to overcome this by using primer religiously and applying a light coat of foundation to my lids before application.
  2. Just bought a bunch online since I can’t find them in stores. I use it daily as a base & one tube has lasted more than a year. LOVE THESE!!!

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