M.A.C. Cosmetics and Daphne Guinness Collaborating on Make up Collection

M.A.C. Cosmetics and Daphne Guinness are working together for this 2011 winter.
The team is set to release a color collection, in North America, the day after Christmas, Dec 26.  They are working on some special and will be made up of rich, seasonal hues. Back in In September 2010, NARS Cosmetics  launched a new collection dedicated to Daphne.  Teaming up with MAC Cosmetics will prove the point that MAC is “Couture” as nothing speaks more of couture than Daphne Guinness.  We will be waiting for color swatches and samples to see what colors they plan on adding this Christmas.
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Image Source: Life Magazine

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  1. Hmm.. I m really fond of mac makeup n it really suits my skin.. Gives me soft silky skin.. Give glowing effect n shine on my face.. Really love it..

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