Makeup: A Winter Facelift from Tarina Tarantino


Does your makeup change looks based on the season?  Do you find yourself wearing bright, bold colors in the summer, and shimmery pastels in the winter?

I’ve never really changed my look based on what season it is.   I’ve dusted on the bronzer in the summer to accentuate my tan, or even highlighted it in the winter so I could try and forget that I have pale and boring skin.  I figured I was up for a change, and decided to attempt the shimmer.

I’ve told myself over and over again that all that glitters……is for teenagers, but that is not necessarily true.  When used properly, it can look quite festive.

I decided to give Tarina Tarantino’s “Aurora” collection a try (Sephora).  Boy am I glad I did.

The highly pigmented colors, mixed with the perfect amount of glitter, gave me a festive look I was going for.  Lighter colors that lasted throughout the day didn’t scream “overkill” at work, and the dark shimmery colors make for a perfect Holiday gathering at night.

The glitter liners were fun to play with, and made me do things with my eyes that I had never done before.  It looked festive and I felt festive.

The colors in the palettes blended smoothly, and go together quite nicely. I am also admittedly a junkie when it comes to the packaging of the product.  The eyeshadow palettes just feel nice, and are actually quite pleasing to the eye.

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments when I wear this collection, so I will probably be pulling it out on a day to day basis, at least until the New Year.

So this collection, along with some body shimmer powder and some cream blushes I’ve been wanting to try, are all on my list of ways to change  my “winter makeup look” for the better.  What are some ways that you change your look to go along with the season?

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