MORE 24 Hour Make up?

Okay, so I’m still blown away by the fantastic 24 hour eyeliner that I picked up the other day. I love 24 hour make up! I said I was going to get more colors, and I did. (I had coupons as well as a BOGO sale to hit, so I did good) I grabbed Coal Commander (a dark grey) and Made of Steel (a sparkling silver). I love the look I get when I use the Steel liner just below the black or grey, or under the colored shadow I wear along the bottom lashline. This has to be one of the best make up tips around.


Now, get this: while I was out buying those two Master Drama liners by Maybelline, I see a display at the store for L’Oreal’s newest items out in their Spring line. One of which was a new eye shadow called Infallible 24 Hour Shadow. A shadow?…that lasts 24 HOURS? Really? REALLY? People, really”¦ how many challenges are you makeup makers going to put me up to this week? Just like the liner, I bought one. It had to be done.


In the Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow line, there are 12 shades to choose from. A few are matte, but the majority is mainly high frosts. Because I was’t sure if I would like it, I picked up just one shadow to try. I got the color Infinite Sky which is a very light, highly frosted blue with just a slight grey black tint. I’ll be honest, I never wear blue shadows. They just do’t work with my hair, eyes and skin tone. But there was an edge to this one that I really liked. Plus, I had no other color in my collection remotely close to that one. So I purchased it and then headed home with my new goodie to give it the old college try.


It was 10 a.m. when I opened the package to put it on. Immediately I noticed that it is not really a cream shadow, but it definitely NOT a powder shadow either. It’s like a combo of both. Although I am a big time fan of good makeup brushes, I found this shadow went on very easy with just A DOT on my fingertip. I patted it on, layering for more intensity. The color was HIGH pigmented and I really only had to pat on one or two dots for big color. It went on with ease, blended well, looked professional and felt silky smooth. So far, I was loving it. Now”¦the money breaker: would it really last 24 hours?


Like any other day in NY lately, my new eye shadow was going to get to test the elements out here in the Northeast as firsthand. After I applied it, I hit the open road to do some grocery shopping, run some post office errands and drop off some dry cleaning. This, while dodging downpours, snow squalls, freezing rain and heavy fog. Oh yeah, we had it all that day. I never touched my eyes once. After getting home at around 3 p.m., I took a look to see how my eyes held up. My lids, which are usually on the oily side most of the time, had only the slightest bit of creasing. When I dotted it with my finger, it blended right back in with the same amount of color intensity as when I put it on. Wow. I mean”¦WOW!


With coupons in hand, I headed out the next day to take advantage of another stor’s BOGO sale of L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow. This time I grabbed Iced Latte (Highly Frosted Beige), Eternal Sunshine (bright gold), Amber Rush (rusty pink), and Perpetual Purple (deep grape). What I love about them is not only do they blend nicely together, but you can wear them alone and still have a great looking eye. One awesome color with a lot of pop, or a blend of brights for the total wow factor.


It’s 11 p.m. right now, and I just grabbed a mirror to see how my eyes are looking today. Other than the fact that I look tired as heck (it was a busy day!), my shadow, liner and mascara are still right where I put them this morning. If they keep making 24 hour makeup, I may not have to carry a purse ever again. Great going, L’Oreal Paris! Your new Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow is everything it says it is. And at a price around $7.95 each (but often on sale) I’m looking forward to adding more colors soon!!

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