My Valentine, The KIM Brush Line

Hello again, Makeup Talk! I would like to introduce you to 

my new valentine, KIM. Over the last few days I have been spending some time getting to know KIM, and I think you all would really enjoy getting familiar with KIM too.  

KIM brushes is the project company of Rekab, a professional art supply brush company that has been supplying painters with fantastic professional brushes for 100 years. Since 2007, KIM has been working to provide a different kind of artist, makeup artists, with the tools to create flawless looks. 


I discovered the KIM Brush line on twitter, and after browsing their website, I was really interested in trying them out. They offer a huge variety of both synthetic and natural hair brushes, and all of their brushes are handmade. They have more than  50 different brushes to choose from, all specialized for either your eyes, face, lips, and even nails. 


I ca’t decide what I like best about KIM. The brushes are so soft, it’s amazing how great they feel against your skin. They are super affordable, I grabbed a few random brushes from the KIM line and I compared their prices against similar brushes by MAC and Sephora. They feel good in your hands, it really does remind me of paintbrushes, the way some of their brushes have handles that are wider in the middle and shrink to a smaller circumference. They carry a lot of product and give you the perfect amount of control while you apply makeup and blend it out. 


I have’t been so enthusiastic about a brush line in a really long time, probably since I discovered studio gear for the first time. Thank goodness, this line is a lot more affordable than studio gear and it still delivers a quality brush. I highly recommend you take KIM brushes for a test drive. You wo’t be disappointed. You can order their brushes online at

Mac/Sephora img source: and


All KIM brush images were given to me with permission to use by KIM brush company. 

Happy Valentines Day! 



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