NARS- Spring 2012 Collection!!

NARS is definitely my favorite makeup line, but unfortunately I don’t own very much due to the higher price tags. Last week I splurged on their Tzarine Duo Eyeshadow, and I’m in love with it! They’re such gorgeous colors, especially the grey.   I love all of their products and I am BEYOND excited for their Spring 2012 collection! It’s so warm and peppy- just what I need for Spring and my Spring makeup trends! For the most part these are all colors and shades that are unlike any others from the brand, which is always refreshing compared to the worn out unoriginal choices of some companies. I will quit with the jabber and get on to the good stuff! Without further ado…NARS Spring 2012 Color Collection!



This is the Limited Edition  Duo Eyeshadow in Paramibo. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the left side is a metallic brass and the right is a metallic bronze. I am already picturing gorgeous shimmered eyes and a sweet little floral dress on a sunny day in the park. These colors are great, and I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anything even close to being like them. They are actually making me think of Chanel’s Peridot nail polish. I can’t wait to give these a good swatch in person!




This product is the only one I would probably not consider purchasing. Well, at least from the looks of the pictures. It is Gaiety, a limited edition bright candy pink blush. It’s a beautiful color, but it reminds me a bit too much of Desire. Gaiety appears to be a bit more brighter than Desire, but who knows. Another one we will just have to check out in person!






The Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils are the best! They are unlike any other product, and they just might be my favorite product that NARS has created. If you don’t already know, these are exactly what the name says: a jumbo pencil filled with smooth glossy/lipstick goodness. As of right now there are only six shades of these little wonders. Lucky for us, we have one more to add to the list, Mexican Rose. It’s the perfect hot pink, that I would wear every single day come Spring! This is my number one choice for possible purchases from this great collection!










Trio Eyeshadow sets are always awesome. They are like makeup made easy. You have your highlight, lid and crease shade all picked out for you and put in one convenient little place. The new set for Spring is Douce France. From left to right we have a shimmery icy pink, a shimmery rose-petal pink, and matte deep rose. These are reminding me of shades I would find within the flowers of my grandmother’s garden…just what spring is all about!






Raspberry matte lipstick is gorgeous all year round, but especially during Spring! Valparaiso is the new Pure Matte Lipstick we will  see popping up at the NARS counters and racks soon enough. It’s a super rich shade, and it won’t leave your lips dry and flaky like some matte lipsticks out there. This is number two on my purchase list!










Now we have this chic Lhasa Single Eyeshadow. It is described as a lavender-grey, but it looks more like a griege to me. There are lots of different ways you could use this shade. I would probably use it as a crease shade more often than not, but it would make a great base for a flawless smokey eye!






Another great product from NARS is their Soft Touch Shadow Pencils. Dark Rite will be added to the 7 shades of the  group for Spring. I recently watched the video of the NARS products used at the Rodarte Spring 2012 show. The artists used this pencil, and it was absolutely gorgeous! The main picture up top is Dark Rite used as a drawn out liner as well, and I love it! I would love to purchase this pencil, but I feel like I wouldn’t use it often enough to get my $24 out of it.











Everyone loves a new lipstick, and this one is sure to excite you…or least it’s exciting me! It’s the Bilbao lipstick that is described as a shimmering topaz. When I first looked at this picture I wasn’t really into it. I thought it was just another orange-y red shade that there are already so many of. Once again, the picture fooled me! I saw a picture of it swatched and it’s much more of a light golden neutral/brown. It is a really interesting shade, which usually scares me, but I am really really intrigued by this one!








Last, but definitely not least, is Diamond Life, the new nail polish of the collection! I’m abnormally obsessing over this one, being the nail junkie that I am!  There isn’t much to tell you about this one. It is a metallic light purple, a super popular shade for Spring! I’m not 100% sure if I would hand over the $17 for this one.  If not, I will certainly be looking for a dupe!






Are you loving the NARS Spring 2012 Color Collection as much as I am?! What is your favorite so far, and what do you see yourself purchasing from the line?





Image Source: www.facebook.com/narscosmetics

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  1. Nice sharing of collection…This kind of brand is really nice to use…All the colors are nice for spring collection..Hope you can share more collection of make up..

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