New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks

New Years Eve Fashion Trends and Makeup Looks for 2011 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks

New Years Eve is filled with glitzy glamour &  all-night parties!

What better way to ring in the new year, then to do it in style!

Look great and make a statement!

From fashion to makeup, and accessories of all sorts read on to find out whats hot this New Years!

New Years Eve is glittery, bright, colorful and loud, reflect that in your fashion style and do’t be afraid to try new things.
Metallics, sparkles, rhinestones, and sequins are all great looks.

What To Wear

Depending on where you will be on New Years eve, will help you in deciding on what to wear.
You do’t want to be outside when the clock strikes 12 in a mini dress and heels! Brrr!

Although just because you are going to be outside, that does’t mean you need to look frumpy to be comfy!

ShoesZRES031 MAIN LG 300x300 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks

If where you are going to be is indoors for the night then you may want to wear a great pair of low style/ kitten heels, as you may be on your feet a lot of the night.

Pick a pair of shoes that are flashy, and bright.

Think bold silver heels, or red hot heels, or even a pair of gold ballerina flats.

alexander mcqueen swarovski 300x247 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks

If your going to be outdoors, get a good pair of warm boots that easy to walk in, and comfortable to stand in.
Do’t try wearing knee high boots with a crazy heel on them, you wo’t see any better and you’ll likely get knocked over in the crowd if they got excited, potentially hurting yourself.

Try a pair of boots like these ones here which look very stylish and and keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable.

ugg 300x300 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looksboots New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks


If your going to be attended a party and want to look your best, go for a dress!
Whether it is long or short, pick a dress with a lot of dazzle and flash.

A metallic mini dress in silver or gold looks stunning and festive!

bebe sequined gold new years eve dress 236x300 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks silver sequin f21 190x300 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks

If you ca’t bear to bare your legs for the night, try pairing a great pair of warm leggings with a long style top to cover your tush! This look is flattering to all body types and keeps you warm and looking cute.
You can get leggings in metallic and sparkling fabric finishes. A pair of gold leggings would look great on New Years Eve!

Purse or Handbag

A purse is a great statement piece and accessory to your outfit.

Go for a bag that really stands out, that way you wo’t lose it or your belongings inside.

1265224429 52874500 202x300 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks

il fullxfull 93669128 300x300 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks

MakeUp Looks


New Years Eve is the perfect time to try out that glitter eyeliner you have stashed away!
Go for bold makeup looks, play up your eyes with sparkles and shimmery eyeshadows.
Use bright colours and lots of eyeliner.

Lips3166961741 5af5398bed 300x204 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks

New Years Eve is also a great time to really play up your lips!

Show off your sexy pout with high shine glosses and bold daring colours in red, fuschia, orange or even blue and purple!

Try using a thick clear gloss over your lip colour and adding glitter or sparkles to it. The gloss will hold the glitter in place, until your new years kiss that is!

Or try using a shimmery gold or silver eyeshadow, applied to the center of your lips and blended outwards.

glitter lips 300x225 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looksglitter lips1 249x300 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks


Create Rosy red cheeks by using a bright cream or powder blush in fuschia or red.


Use bright and bold colours on your nails or metallic golds and silvers.
Do’t be afraid to try some rhinestone add ons or nail art designs, be creative!

ghfgfghf 300x291 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Lookshqdefault 300x225 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks


Think sparkle, think glitter, think flashy, bold, loud and extravagant.

These are the words you want to keep in mind when looking to accessorize your New Years Eve look, especially if the rest of your look is minimal.

Go for long and bold statement jewelry.

Chunky necklaces or long chains, bracelets in a rainbow of colours, big flashy rings….and do’t forget the crazy, yet ultra hot, 2011 glittery eyeglasses!

2011 Party Glasses PT 1056  300x245 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks2011gls 300x225 New Years Eve 2011 Fashion & Makeup Looks

No one wants to be carrying around an over sized purse on New Years Eve, Try using a small clutch to hold your essentials in. You can easily find affordable and fashionable handbags and clutches, almost anywhere.

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