NYC Haul and Review

I LOVE drug store make up! Who does’t?! I love NYC (New York Color) Cosmetics.  It’s reasonably priced and most of it is pretty decent quality. I recently picked up a few things made by NYC New York Color Cosmetics. Not only is it reasonably priced (.99 and up), depending on where you get it, the store usually has a pretty good selection. This weekend I went to my local Rite Aid drug store and was pleasantly surprised by the variety. And there was a sale on, buy one get one for 50% off so how could I pass that up?!
I bought two things:

Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder – 717A Bronze Gold

Individual Eyes (eye shadow trio) 938 Union Square for Brown Eyes. This comes with an eye primer and a highlighting cream.

A                                                                                            B

The first thing I did a swatch of was the bronzing powder (above). The darker color is more prominent but still not very dark (its on the left in the “B” picture and the lighter gold color is to the right of that [barely visible] ).  No matter how much of the gold color I put on my hand, it was still barely visible, but when I put it on my face it was actually a nice highlighter. Not too dramatic. The bronzer was the same, its not very dramatic but it still looks nice. If you’re a first time bronzer user, this might be good for you. This is the first year that I’m really using bronzer, I’ve always been afraid of it, so I feel like this is great for me. And I have really fair skin so if I use a dark bronzer it will be very obvious. I would have to tan for a while first, and I do’t want to wait for that.

C                                                                                   D

The second thing I did a swatch of was the eye shadow. They did’t have individual colors (or if they did I did’t see them when I was reading the package) they just called it “Union Square”. In the D picture I did a swatch of the colors without primer on the top row (lightest to darkest color) then the bottom row is with the primer underneath (lightest to darkest again). You can see that the lightest color is barely visible, but I think that’s ok when you’re using it to highlight the brow bone. You can also use it to tone down some dark colors, depending on the look you’re going for. All of the other colors were pretty well pigmented, especially when using the primer underneath. The primer was smooth and I thought it would be a little too creamy, but it dried relatively quickly and was really nice for a base. I did’t do a swatch or test the cream highlighter. I’m sure its similar to the primer seeing as they’re from the same brand and looks similar in appearance as far as texture, creamy. With any highlighter, you always want to start with a little and build slowly as not to use too much, it’s always easier to add.

I’m really excited about my finds this weekend and I ca’t wait to try them!!

Written By: Heather Denton

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