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I admit it, I’m a makeup junkie. I probably own more lip glosses than pairs of shoes. THAT is saying something! Thanks to the fabulous marketing techniques of the beauty industry, no matter how many eye liners you own, the one that just came out HAS to be better than ALL the others in your makeup drawer. Right? The same with the lip colors, the mascaras, the blending brush, yaddda, yadda, yadda. Yeah”¦ been there, still doing that.
You can only imagine that, with my endless array of different types and colors of makeup I own, the clutter in my bathroom is one big hot mess. Mascara here, mineral eye shadow there, brushes jammed in here, blushes scattered there. Even though I have a mental picture of everything I own in regards to my beauty items, I ca’t always find the ones I want when I need them. The unorganized chaos of makeup not only makes it difficult to manage the items I own, but it can also slow me down when I need to have just what I want at my fingertips when time is of the essence.

Not that long ago, I decided to give my glamour an overhaul. I sorted things out, threw out items that had’t been used in over six months (three months if it’s a mascara), and gave everything a sniff test (if it smells bad, it IS bad”¦ chuck it!) Then I began giving every thing I owned a place where I could see it easily and access it without a problem. What I ended up with was a super system that keeps my makeup routine flowing smooth. Her’s what I did:

  1. I took a trip to my local office supply store. I picked up some small baskets that fit inside my vanity drawers. I got different sizes””some smaller, some longer, some wider, etc. I made sure they were plastic so I can rinse them out if they get dirty or get makeup on them. (They were pretty inexpensive, ranging from $1.99-$4.99, depending on size.)

  3. I also picked up a sweet little item called a “Spinning Sorter“ that usually sits on a desk and holds things like pens, pencils, scissors, etc. and spins around. The more compartments it has, the better. The one I got came from Staples and has 10 compartments for only $9.99.

  5. I arranged the baskets in my vanity drawers with all of my flat-topped items, such as eye shadows, blushes, powders, and mineral foundations. Each category got their own basket depending on the size of the items. I also separated my eye shadows by “shades”, grouping all of my highlighters, mid-tones and accents into different sections. Lipsticks went into their own, slightly deeper basket with the shade name facing up so they can be easily seen.

  7. The spinning sorter, which sits conveniently on top of my vanity, is within reach at all times. I put all of my loose, thinner items in it. I filled the different compartments with items grouped as:
    • All of my makeup brushes
    • Eyeliners
    • Lip Liners
    • Mascara
    • Lip glosses
    • Small cream eye shadows in tubes
    • Eye creams & primers
    • Cotton balls & Q-tips
    • Nail files
    • Perfume samples

Ta-Da! Neat and organized. Now I can easily see everything that I own and use them frequently. Not only is my makeup collection sorted in a way that keeps my bathroom from looking like a fire sale, but it also keeps me focused and not digging haphazardly causing me delays in getting ready each day. I encourage all of you to go through your glamour collection, ditch the old, sort the new and start the season off with a sassy manageable system! Happy spring and happy organizing!
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