Paint Up Your Lips With Plum!

Deeply colored lips are a trend that I am in love with at the moment! It is a great in-between seasons trend. You can rock a plum pucker now, but you can also continue to wear the shade throughout the Spring. Dark lips are something I have always been quite afraid of until recently. I never thought it was a look I could pull off, but part of that was me not understanding the different shades and tones of darker lipsticks. For some reason I just looked at them all as a being an almost black purple and nothing else. Boy, was I wrong! Plum is a fabulous lip color that I think works for everyone. It’s dark but still has really rich warm tones that prevent it from washing out the wearer. Here are some of my favorite perfectly plum products!



First is MAC‘s Cyber lipstick. This shade is beautiful, and MAC lipsticks are some of the best! This goes on super smooth and creamy, which is a really important factor when wearing bold colors on your lips. This would probably be my first recommendation as far as purpley-plum lipsticks go. It’s a good place to start as far as texture goes, and it’s fairly flattering for all skin tones. With that being said, it’s definitely not a color for the faint of heart!










Josie Maran’s Magic Marker Stain in Rich Plum has more of a pinky hue than the MAC lipstick. Stains are a great way to get a more subtle color that still has awesome staying power! My only advice with this stain is make sure you’re lips are moisturized well and free of dry and crackled skin. Stains don’t give you any leeway when it comes to moisture, so I would top it off with a clear gloss or chap stick as well!




I made an order with Bloom.com a few weeks ago and included Revlon’s Black Cherry lipstick in my pickings. I got it in the mail a few day ago and absolutely love it! This one has more of a red base than purple, but I still consider it a plummy shade. I love wearing it with a super light eye and barely there blush. It’s a lipstick that truly steals the show! Revlon’s lipsticks are awesome, and this one definitely continues on my love for the brand and its the greatness!






Fresh Sugar Plum Tint is a lighter option to dark lips. It’s still a deeper shade, it just doesn’t make such a strong statement as the others. If you are scared of looking like a gothic girl like I was, this is the product for you! Not only is the color pretty, it keeps your lips in tip top shape too!







Lastly is the Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain in Scarlet. This calls itself a stain, but its more of a liquid with stain staying power. It’s not dry and heavy on your lips like most, and it leaves behind INCREDIBLE color! I love this purple shade. I am dying to go to my local Sephora and pick this one up! I’m pretty sure I’ll have it sooner rather than later!





Are you guys left timid and scared when you hear the words “dark lips”? You all should definitely give them a shot if you never have, and really try playing with different undertones and shades. I promise you’ll find one that works for you! I love the trend and will definitely be wearing it for the next few months. It’s such a statement, but an alternative to brighter pops like red and pink! How do you wear your darker shades?!




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