Peacocks Are Showing Their Feathers For Fall!

There are so many great new trends for Fall that I just can’t get enough of! You have seen the clogs, loafer pumps, bold reds and now the peacocks are flying in! The rich colors of a peacocks tail have always been a popular combo, but they are reigning supreme for Fall. Jewel toned blues, greens and golds are popular for everything from fingernails to sexy shoes. You can pretty much pull them off in any way, shape, or form. Here is a look at some of my favorite items in these beautiful hues! 

Here is another one of those fabulous two-in-one products that I love so much. It is Josie Maran’s R.E.M Pen in black and peacock. One end of the pen is Argan Gel Liner and liner brush, and on the other end is an argan eye shadow and applicator sponge. I adore gel liners! They go on so smoothly and are easy to smudge and blend, but then don’t budge one bit once they are dry. Then there’s the beautiful turquoise eyeshadow. It’s a very rich and pigmented shadow, and goes on flawlessly. The amount of looks you could create with this color are endless!






You can never go wrong with mustard shades in the Fall. This golden yellow ASOS Zip Base Handheld Bag is very Kate Spade-esque and absolutely adorable. It’s only $54- so much better than the hundreds you might spend on a designer bag. I love the shape and the zipper detail that adds a little spunk. This would be super chic with simple jeans, a button up, pumps and a bright peacock blue eye for a full day of shopping.




Blue is the first color that pops into most people’s minds when a peacock is mentioned. This Bluey shade of Butter London’s 3 Free Nail Lacquers is what I think of. It is absolutely gorgeous, and goes for any season. I love deep shimmery blues like this one on nails, and mine are probably painted a blue hue 80 percent of the time. Not only is this color super pretty, but it is also free of DPB, Toluene, and formaldehyde. Being health conscious has never been so fashionable!






I love colored liners and shadow for a fun daytime look. Urban Decay’s  24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Clinic is the perfect peacock shade of green. It’s a deep emerald that you could use for a full shadow or just as a simple liner on the top or bottom lash. Green is very popular this Fall and you’ll be right in line with the trends if you choose this pencil. Urban Decay’s 24/7 line stays on incredibly well, so you won’t have to worry about any fading or smudging of the color.





The golden tones in a peacock’s feathers remind me of simple but statement-making accessories. A pair of chunky gold earrings, a skinny gold headband, or a fun gold belt like J. Crew’s Skinny Glitter are some of the pieces that come to my mind. I love glitter, and this thin belt is an easy way to incorporate it into an outfit without looking like you just walked out of elementary school. Don’t be afraid of a little sparkle!





These J. Crew Mona Suede Pumps in deep atlantic are probably my favorite item of the bunch. The bold sapphire is also a peacock color that initially pops into my head. These simple heels are beautiful and sophisticated, yet still young and playful. I love suede in the Fall and Winter. It’s a soft, yet bold punch to any outfit. Incorporate these into a color blocked look with other teals and greens for the full out bird effect!





 Peacocks are such beautiful birds. The colors in their tails are some of the richest tones out there, and are perfect for almost any fashion or makeup look. Wear them all together or as bold separates. What is your favorite color inspired by the bird?! How would you choose to wear this trend?


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  1. I love this trend! I am absolutely obsessed with peacocks and everyone knows it! I give away beaded peacock feather earrings on my youtube all the time. I wanted a pair of them so bad but they were wholesale so I bought 50 of them! All my friends buy me peacock related stuff because they know how much I love them so I’m ready to rock this trend!

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