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Ipsy... beauty by you


Pros: full sized products or deluxe samples. excellent price and value, consistent, helpful customer service

Cons: frequently reuses the same brands, lack of variation in product types, personalization is very unreliable, poor points system

The best things about Ipsy are it price, the generous product sizes, and the number of products (4-5 but usually 5) you receive. This subscription will really help you stock up on makeup. There are some obvious drawback but I still think it's worth the price. You should be aware that their test to personalize each subscriber's products is far from perfect; you will most likely get products in colors you wouldn't normally touch. As such, Ipsy is not ideal for those who have very rigid preferences. Also, this bag is very makeup heavy; there are skincare, brush, and hair care options but expect to get a lot of makeup. I think Ipsy is the best if you're just trying out beauty sub boxes and are not sure where to start. The value for each bag is always much more than the $10 price tag. And if you like experimenting with lots of different shades an colors of makeup, you'll find use for most (if not all) of the products. And if you don't have a use for a product, their product sizes are perfect for gifts.


Pros: some full-size products, reasonable cost

Cons: focus is on glam looks, many products are low-end and low quality

I've been an Ipsy subscriber for about 7 months, and I'm going to drop my subscription.  For me, there were two major downsides to the service:

1.  Ipsy's focus is very much on the 'glam'. In their profile quiz, they do allow you to select natural/subtle/sporty looks as your preference, but the majority of their products each month don't fall into those categories.  I've gotten ultra-long false eyelashes, silver glitter eyeliner,  glitter eyeshadow,  bright blue sparkly eyeshadow, bright blue ink eyeliner.   I knew that was their focus when I subscribed - it's hard to miss when their featured looks are multicolor cat-eyes and rhinestone nail decorations - but I'd hoped they offered a wider range of products.

2. They send more full-sized products than, say, Birchbox,  but those products are generally very low-end, low-quality brands.  You go to the companies' sites, and it's $2.99 lip glosses, 66 eyeshadow palettes for $10, ten nail polishes for $10.  Do a little Googling, and you find most of the stuff is made in China.  Essentially, it's dollar-store makeup.  There are samples from more high-end brands like Bare Escentuals or Dr Brandt, but I would say at least a third of what I've gotten has been the cheap stuff.

It was the Pop Beauty lip gloss fiasco that finally convinced me to give it up. Yet another of the low-quality brands; there was a 'mixup' in the ingredients when they shifted manufacture to Taiwan, and Ipsy customers ended up with this foul-smelling gloss that actually burned some people's lips.  Did I find out about this from Ipsy?  Nope, I had no idea the product was defective until I joined this site. I'd already tossed it out because of the smell and lip irritation,  but an e-mail from Ipsy warning customers not to use the gloss would have been nice.

Ipsy has its place in the subscription box world;  if you just want a whole lot of makeup to play with for a very reasonable price, you love to glam it up, and you're not fussy about brands, there's value there. It's just not what I'm looking for in a subscription box.


Pros: Price, deluxe size samples, makeup bag, some personalization

Cons: personalization not perfect, long waitlst time

I've been getting Ipsy for a few months now, and have been really satisfied overall with what I have gotten. Most of the brands I have sample so far have been new to me. I have not loved everything I have gotten, but was happy to at least try it out. That's what these boxes are for: to try things out, see if you like it. I wish their points system was a little better. I don't really refer people because I don't like to put those kinds of things on my Facebook, so I probably wont ever get enough points to get anything with it. Ipsy is mainly makeup with skin care stuff thrown in, so I enjoy that. I don't complain if I get something I don't like. You take a beauty quiz so thy get an idea of what you are into, but it is far from perfect (from what I hear). I was on the waitlist for a little over 2 months, but it was worth the wait!


Pros: Inexpensive, good quality items, never a foil packet!

Cons: Absolutely none

I've been an Ipsy subscriber for over a year now, and it just keeps getting better and better!


If you are a looking for a beauty subscription then this is your one stop. If I were to only get 1 subscription a month then this would hands down be my choice. This subscription is mainly makeup plus they also include a cute makeup bag every month.


They have also just added a referral program. If you refer 2 people you will get 1 extra item the following month, each month they change the bonus item.


Pros: inexpensive, great product, consistent, great size

Cons: not always name brand

I have been receiving this box for 6 months now and I've loved every box sent to me. The amount of product you receive it amazing. I've fallen in love with tons of brands I had never heard of before until they were sent to me in my monthly box. I also subscribe to Birchbox which I like too, but Ipsy is by far the best. Highly recommended.


Pros: No foils, small companies, new products, many full size

Cons: Too many of the same brands each month, often need to trade

I think Ipsy is super fun and just a blast. There are always full size items in there, the samples are large, no foils and a cute bag to boot! I'm very happy with Ipsy and highly recommend them. They are the perfect inexpensive way to add to your collection. Go for it today!!


Pros: Inexpensive, FUN, get to try new things

Cons: None really

I am not going to say i have loved everything they have sent me. What i will say is the the whole Ipsy experience for me is so much fun.  I love the anticipation, the spoilers, the unboxings, getting a small  gift in the mail every month!  Also trading and chatting about it with my friends. I will stay subscribed as long as they are in buisness! It is a little bit of extra happy in my month! Love it.  :love:


Pros: Unbeatable Value

Cons: Takes a while for GlamRoom to update

I'm always excited for my Ipsy Glambag to arrive! I basically stalk the website until my Glamroom updates (admit it: you do it too!).  I have tried a million different subs and this is the one that I absolutely will not cancel.  For ten bucks a month, you just can't beat it!  Even if you don't love everything you get, just trade it or gift it!  Always a great value and really fun to get!

Ipsy... beauty by you

Company info: Launched in November 2011 under the name MyGlam. Changed name from MyGlam to Ipsy on September 17, 2012. Membership: $10 monthly or $110 yearly. Ships out around the 10th of each month. Group membership is open to everyone including those who don't have a subscription to Ipsy. Join in the discussion. Ask questions! Show off your bags!

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