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Pros: variety of polish colors

Cons: not worth the price, chips easily/fast, customer service stinks

I originally subscribed as a Maven a little more than a year ago using a code that allowed me to try my first month for a penny. I love me some pretty nail polish so I was excited! Immediately upon receipt I ran like a madwoman to try out my new colors. They actually looked okay (was a nude and gray color combo) but with a basecoat, 3 polish coats AND a top coat it started chipping within 4 days. I use the same base and top coats for all my manis so I know that wasn't the issue. I called Customer Service to cancel and she was nice until I requested a cancel. Immesiately turned into one of those situations where you can hear them rolling their eyes. She asked why I wanted to cancel and I politely explained that I felt the quality wasn't up to par with pricing, she immediately got snippy. Then about a month ago they were running a warehouse sale online and while skeptical I couldn't say no to $2 body scrub and lotions. To date I have received NOTHING. Customer Service hasn't bothered to even reapond to the now 3 emails I have sent. Just horrible..I will never do business with them again.


Pros: Lots of Color Selection, Good Customer Service and Sale Prices, Mystery Boxes

Cons: Bad Formula, cheap jewelry

The price is right to try a box free-so I did!  I wasn't disappointed.  My second box was delayed due to an item being backordered.  The customer service was so apologetic that she credited my account with 2,000 points!  I did love the color combinations last month, but they did chip after 36 hours with no top coat.  I find their colors are hit or miss, some are really terrible formulas and some are average. I used those points this month to get my California Coast box.  I do love the body oil, but the sea salt hair texture spray leaves my hair crunchy...it isn't for me.  I also purchased during the first warehouse sale.  Unfortunately for me, I ordered two of their statement necklaces.  I am going to leave the link to my pics so that you can see them to believe them!!  The cheapest hunks of junk...would have been better off at the dollar store.  I am currently on the fence about my next purchase.  I will probably skip my box this month...but may take another box in the fall for updated colors.  


Pros: very good quality nail polish

Cons: not that many beauty products

I've been with julep for a month. Waiting on my miami mystery box eek excited...I don't have any complaints. Good quality nail polish. I'm actually shocked at how good this stuff is! I'm a stay at home mom and I'm constantly cleaning, washing dishes, baby bottles, hands omg this stuff doesn't chip!! I'm in love my new favorite polish smile.gif the only thing I'd like to see is more feet products masks,scrubs,lotions you know it's summer and I prefer to do my own pedis smile.gif


Pros: Can skip a month, great community interaction, new colors every month, amazing sales and deals

Cons: Small polish sizes

I say "enablers" because I already have a nail polish problem and Julep's adding to it like whoa. Primarily due not to the monthly box itself, but to the Secret Store they've started opening for subscribers who don't skip the month, and their 12 days of Christmas deals, and and and. It seems like Julep always has some crazy deal going on.


Let me be clear: I would never walk into a Sephora a buy a Julep nail polish. $14 for the size is ludicrous when I can get a butter LONDON, likely more innovative and with more consistent formulas, for the exact same price. But when you throw 12 of them plus two nail treatments and a pretty lacquer box at me for $55? SOLD. And they do those types of markdowns on a regular basis.


Julep also has a really interactive FB page, fantastic customer service in the few interactions I've had to have with them, and seems to really value customers' input. I remember in October when they had crackle polishes in the boxes, which a lot of people hated - before the month's window was closed, they had introduced a brand new combo for the month with no crackles. Which I purchased. :)


I love that I can skip a month without canceling my subscription entirely, and I love that the boxes are so customizable - on top of choosing one of five "styles" for the month, they have a bunch of add-ons you can choose to order. Their shipping is fast and reliable. They're definitely one of my favorite subs.


Pros: Cute polish, good formula, great customer service

Cons: pricey, small bottles

Julep has good polish in nice colors. Occasionally they have outstanding colors. Their polishes don't always wow me though so I am occasionally left feeling unhappy with the money I have spent. This inconsistency has led me to cancel my subscription but continue to keep an eye on their releases in case something fabulous comes out. The polish bottles are also a lot smaller than most.


They have a rewards system in place. The shipping is very fast and they package the polishes well. They have great customer service.




Pros: Monthly nail polish, shipping

Cons: Price

I have a love hate relationship with Julep polishes. Love the fact I get mine for free from their referral system (which can be argued is better than Birchbox's) but if I had to pay for my subscription I would have cancelled a long time ago because of the price - $19.99 + 9.2% tax and the actual sizes of the polish. Some of the polish reek strongly while others aren't as bad. Some of the formulations are hit and miss with some polishes being thicker than others while some are just too thin.


There are five types - American Beauty, Boho, Bombshell, It Girl and Classic With A Twist. Your style type is determined by a quiz you take but if you don't like the polishes or products in that month's box you can always try a new style. I'm an American Beauty and most times I don't switch unless there's a color in another box that I REALLY want.


Julep recently changed their perks system and before for every two referrals made the member would earn a free month, this still technically holds true except for every referral a member earns 1000 Julep Jules and a month's box is 2,000 Jules. The best part is that you can now apply those Jules towards add-ons and box upgrades but the downside is that members are capped to earning only 50,000 Jules and once a member has that accumulated in their account they have to contact Julep to find out what to do next.


I have to admit, if it weren't for the Julep rewards system I would have cancelled my account in January due to the cost but because of their rewards system I don't have to pay for my monthly box until 2014.

Julep Maven

Becoming a Julep Maven gives you exclusive access to COLOR. Each month we hand-pick trendsetting new nail colors, cult faves and cutting-edge beauty products that are just right for you. Commitment shy? No problem. YOU decide how often to receive your Julep Maven box, and you can cancel at any time.

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