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Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation


Pros: Very easy to use, convenient, buildable

Cons: a bit dry

My initial reaction was that the shade a bit too dark for me. I was also intrigued by the different colored core of the foundation stick. I've never used a foundation in a stick form, so I was excited to try it. When I swatched it on my arm, it felt really dry going on and I thought for sure it wasn't going to work for my face. It didn't seem like it was going to be easily blend-able either. The packaging is very convenient. My stick has sort of separated from the twisty base though. It still works but I can tell that it's just sort of hanging out free in the tube and not securely attached to the base. I like how easy it is to apply the product though.  My reaction after using is definitely positive. I sort of dabbed it all over my face, then used my fingers to blend. It blended very nicely despite my initial reaction to the dryness of the product. It was easy to use. I've never used a stick foundation like this, but I like it a lot! The color is still a bit off, but it was pretty forgiving and when blended looked nice. I wore it to work and no one said anything about my foundation color not matching. It does create a very matte appearance. In fact I used no powder before doing contouring and I didn't need to! I didn't use powder to set the foundation either because I wanted to see if it stayed matte and it did. I wore it to work and did a 9 hour shift. I usually always get shiny but not this time. I'd consider this a medium coverage foundation. It didn't fully cover my forehead blemish, but it made it much less noticeable. Did a decent job of masking pores and under eye shadows as well. Not perfect, but pretty good. I work at a retail pharmacy and I actually looked at this product on the shelf and found a color better suited to my skin tone that I will probably pick up soon. I would recommend this to others and repurchase. I was skeptical because I usually only use BB cream and a matte powder, but I do really like this. I do not think it will work for me in winter though, because my skin gets super dry. This is probably best suited for normal to oily skin. I will try in winter though, I will just make sure to moisturize really well beforehand. 


Pros: Portable, great packaging, good coverage

Cons: None

I've been using this foundation steadily since I received it and overall I'm very pleased with it.

The first thing I noticed about this foundation is that it's a stick product, something I haven't seen a drugstore level before. The second thing I noticed is that it appeared similar to the new Stila stick foundations but with a core that is mattifying rather than correcting, something that is more important to me. While it was all in one piece the foundation stick itself seemed to have slightly slid out of the holder in the tube but that was nothing that pushing it gently back in didn't fix. Probably a good idea to keep this away from the heat however the sleek stick form packaging makes this product uniquely suited for travel, especially in a carry on bag on an airplane.
The packaging is a sleek black plastic tube with a transparent overcap and approximately sized like a small deodorant. The cap is well attached and doesn't fall out easily, which is very useful considering the product protrudes above the top of the black tube when new. It travels extremely well and makes this a very portable product. Because the foundation is solid it's extremely airplane friendly because the TSA won't complain about it and the product doesn't add a lot of weight to a carry on bag.
This foundation is amazing. The coverage is top notch, even doing a better job than Benefit's erase paste at hiding my dark undereye circles. It's very easy to apply, I just draw some lines on my face and blend with a thick, round, synthetic buffing brush and it goes on very smoothly. This is a silicone intensive product and it feels that way so if you don't like how silicones feel on your face this is not the product for you. It slides on very easily without any pulling or tugging, unlike other stick foundations I have tried in the past. The best part is how it photographs. While it didn't mattify my face to the point of looking like a mask, even with powder on top, it photographs amazingly well, without any shiny spots or awkward whiteness. I used this foundation for my wedding in combination with a light dusting of Tarte's loose powder foundation to set (NYC summer, very humid) and the performance was excellent.
This product is outstanding and the price is unbeatable. It makes a great starter foundation for someone inexperienced because of how easily it applies and blends and more advanced users will appreciate the added mattifying core feature and how well it travels.


Pros: Handy, no mess, cream to powder gives even tone

Cons: Product is wasted when applied with fingers.

    I was excited to try out a stick foundation. I've seen Itsjudytime's review of the product and I was intrigued how good it is compared to regular foundations in bottle. Upon receiving the product, it was a bit melted - a few of the product is smeared along side the tube but it was not damaged. Maybe because of the hot weather recently, it somewhat melted during transport. I received shade 310 in Sun Beige. I am not used to choosing a shade online because tone/shade differ from one monitor to another. I picked the closest shade that I think suits my medium-olive tone and this one is a good choice.

    I used the product two consecutive days and two different ways.
    First day, I put the product in my face without primer. It glided on my face very smooth but I noticed that I have to put on a second layer for more coverage. After I put on the second layer, it somewhat evened my skin tone and left a matte finish. I wore it total of 8 hours and I had some spots of oiliness which was normal to me.
    Second day, I used it with Smashbox oil-free primer, with two layers of the foundation to cover up some sunspots and blemishes. I rarely used concealer today and it gave a nice matte finish too. I've worn it total of 12-hours and I noticed that my skin still looks like I still have foundation on, though it faded on some parts like on my nose.
    The packaging seems durable and space saver in my makeup bag. I like that the top of the tube is transparent that you can see the shade of the foundation. I would say that the packaging is really convenient especially to people who are on the go and do not want to bring big brushes when they travel.

    I would rate the product 4 out of 5 stars. I like the staying power and the matte finish it gives. In my opinion, it is best to apply it with a buffing brush to even out the product on the skin. I tried to use my fingers at first to warm up the product during application but most of it transferred onto my fingers. It sets well especially with the use of translucent powder.

    I definitely recommend the product to others especially to people who are always on the go. Maybe to some people, it is convenient for them to use their fingers to apply the product. I would recommend using this with a buffer brush or a flat top kabuki. One thing I just realized is that the product is not meant to share with other people.


Pros: convenient, variety of shades, reasonable price, conceals

What I Love: This foundation glides on easily and feels nice and light.  I used an Urban Decay Good Karma brush to blend in the product flawlessly.  My skin seriously looked airbrushed.  I used a smaller, concealing brush to cover/blend over blemishes.  You can also blend this product with your fingers, but I love the look of using a brush.  I also like that you can apply as little or as much as you like in order to control the coverage. 


Lasting Power: This foundation lasted through an entire day of teaching middle school students without needing a touch up.  I have found that it is easy to layer or set with a translucent powder for a fuller coverage application if that is what you are looking for.


Packaging: I loved the fact that this foundation comes in a stick.  I typically use liquids, but have been experimenting with stick concealers and love how easy they are to use, so I was really excited to try applying foundation as a stick.  A little can go a long way!  This packaging is perfect for tossing your foundation in your purse and not having to worry about spills.


Convenience: You can find the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation stick for a very reasonable price at retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and Target.  The brand is well known and trusted.


Would I recommend this product to others? Certainly!  As a beauty blogger, I only promote the best products and I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone!  If you are looking for a great blending, easy to use, convenient, pocketbook friendly and flawless option, you should give Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick a try.


Pros: Blends easily, shine-free finish, no-fuss packaging

Cons: No SPF

As an avid liquid foundation user, I was at first a bit skeptical of the Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free foundation because of its stick formula. I thought there was no way it would spread or blend out as easily as my tried and true liquid foundations, but that’s where I was pleasantly surprised.


I’ve been using Shade 230 (Natural Buff) with primer underneath. I found that fingertips or a foundation brush can be used to blend out the foundation, but I prefer to use my Tarte Airbrush Finish brush after applying the foundation in “stripes” around my face. The cream-to-powder formula (and the anti-shine powder core) really allow for easy blending, and it also makes the foundation feel very lightweight; I still feel like my skin can breathe which is always a plus. Also, I’m very impressed with the staying power of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick and found I was able to build what I like to call Medium+ coverage.


Another aspect of the foundation that I liked is that packaging. Since I typically use liquid foundation, I was actually pretty impressed by the no-fuss packaging of this stick formula. It's really easy to travel with and definitely less messy.


The Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free foundation blends easily and the overall matte/powder finish of the product is great, while coverage is still buildable. I feel like the anti-shine powder core really does work, and since I have oily/combination skin, I very much appreciate a foundation that truly follows through with its shine-free promises! Lastly, the price point is very affordable and it’s great that Maybelline products can be easily found at a multitude of stores.


Wearing the Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free foundation stick in Natural Buff:



Pros: price, long-lasting, wide variety of colors to match skin

Cons: not for dry skin

I wasn't sure how I was going to use it at first. I've never used a foundation stick, if that makes sense. There might be a better way to use it but I merely put some on to my face, and then rubbed it in with my fingers. It blended in with my skin nearly perfectly. The pink undertones in the Class Ivory shade REALLY matched my fair, yet rosy skin. At the moment, I like the packaging. The lid to my Missha BB cream is always falling off and I'm always worried it's going to make a mess in my purse. Since this is more like a lipstick canister, I feel much more comfortable carrying something like this around in my purse. I found the product to be highly effective. I feel like I'm pretty critical about products and I think I fell in love with this immediately. I have naturally oily/shiny skin and my skin has been oil/shine free so far all day, which included walking to school in the southern humidity. Additionally, it doesn't feel heavy on my face, which is another thing I didn't like about the Missha BB cream. I definitely could see myself buying this when I run out. Maybelline is a really great price point. Since I've been more in to higher end brands lately, I'd much rather save money on foundation if I can


Upon receiving the product, my first reaction just looking at in the tube was "Woah this is dark!" Turns out, I was wrong. After putting it on, it matched my skin perfectly. I used the shade classic ivory, which is what I buy in most drugstore foundations. I was really excited to try a stick foundation, and this one did not disappoint. After my first time using the foundation, I loved it. Especially in the summer, I don't like to wear foundation. I found this product was perfect for the summer, as it wasn't heavy at all, and helped keep my skin from getting shiny in the humidity and heat. I don't need a lot of coverage, so it was perfect for me, it just evened out my skin tone in areas where I get a lot of redness (t-zone, chin, cheeks). I have combination skin and found the product helped to keep my t-zone and chin matte, which are my biggest problem areas when it comes to oiliness. Besides being a perfect color match and helping to maintain an oil free appearance, I found the foundation was very blendable and gave me a natural, but polished look. I didn't feel overdone, but I knew my skin looked great. I have used it every day and will probably continue using it every day, at least through the fall. I'm not certain I will need its shine-free capabilities once the cooler dryer air of winter moves in. I love the package, I like the stick format and I I was able to toss it in my purse and not have it roll up into the lid, a big plus. Portability is something a lot of foundations lack, and this one has that. I would definitely buy this product again for myself and have already recommended it to my sister, who is even oilier than I am. I would not recommend it to people who need a lot of coverage though, as I didn't find it very buildable. I also wouldn't recommend it to anyone with dry skin, as I did find it a little drying on my cheeks, which are never oily.


Pros: Buildable Coverage

Cons: Needs to be set with powder or will crease

So after seeing so many reviews I decided to give this foundation a try.  I usually stick to my Bareminerals Matte foundation or my Laura Geller foundation but I saw this at Target and was impressed with the low price.  It is really good for building up coverage and a concealer is not really necessary when this is used.  However, it really needs to be set with a good quality powder to make it through the day (especially if you are like me and wear glasses at times).  I didn't really think it gave a full on matte finish, but overall I didn't mind it and will probably use it more as the weather cools down and my skin won't be as difficult.  


Pros: Glides well, not heavy

I saw so many videos trashing this product and I saw it on sale at Target and I still decided to try it. Most people said it left the face oily but l'm combination and with a primer it worked wonders. I used it for a full week and I loved the finish look it gave my face. It`s smooth, blends well with a brush. Will repurchase for sure.


Pros: buildable coverage, reasonable price, no concealer needed, portable

Cons: No SPF

Initially I thought, Whoa this is darker than I thought it would be. I really like this packaging.

When applied it's half a shade lighter on my skin, which ends up matching my skin tone pretty well. I usually wear a tinted moisturizer over SPF. This has a nice medium coverage and is long lasting. It stayed on my face through a moderate intensity workout and only needed touching up before I went out later that evening. It you let dry and reapply the coverage can be build-able and makes for a decent concealer. I have fairly oily skin so keeping foundation on my face and not having it melt off can be an issue. I was surprised at how well this minimized my oily skin and mattifies my normally shiny complexion.

I really, really like the product packaging. It fits nicely in my touch up bag and the cap stays on securely which can sometimes be an issue with lipstick type packaging. I like the heft of the applicator in my hand, it feels weighty enough to give the impression of quality and durability. I like the clean simplicity of the package design, it's reminiscent of some higher end makeup.

The Verdict: I found this to be really effective at making my skin look even and unblemished. I didn't have a reaction to it (I sometimes do with other foundations) It's long lasting, easy to carry and is priced reasonably. I like it so much that I've already purchased another ($7.99 @ Target w/ coupon) so that I'll have another when this one runs out. It wears really well with powder. My only concern is that there's no SPF. I love sun protection in my face products. Sometimes that, and that alone makes a difference on weather or not I buy a beauty product.

*I received this product for free to review via makeuptalk.com. All opinions are my own and do not represent makeuptalk.com or it's affiliates.
Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation

Maybelline's first gel stick foundation with an anti-shine powder core. Formula blends to a flawless matte finish. Lightweight powders in the anti-shine core combats excess oil.

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Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation





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