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My Cotton Bunny Debut Box


Pros: super convenient, thoughtfully put together, great storage box



I just recently canceled all of my monthly subscriptions. I told myself I'd only get another one if it was period oriented. So this was perfect for me. I never seem to have pads when I need them. When I do buy them, it's from a drug store and I buy the cheapest ones available. It's nice to know that every month I'll have NICE pads to use and I'll never have to worry about picking them up! If I bought this brand at the drug store, I'd be spending practically what I paid for this whole box.


The lavender blueberry chocolate was delicious. I'm a sucker for dark chocolate. Just wish it had been bigger.


I do really like American Apparel, but the shirt was too small. Also, I don't wear camis. My one complaint is the lack of personal information they gather. Favorite colors, shirt size, etc. Most subscription companies have profile surveys. I realize this is a new company, so maybe things will change.


My absolute favorite thing about the box was the personally addressed/signed letter from Tara. Super sweet!


I definitely plan on keeping this subscription. Possibly until menopause. Even if the special item is something I can't use, I am still very happy with this company.


Pros: Discreet, personalized for your needs

Cons: Lack of product selection

Among the latest of "beauty box subscription" services out there is My Cotton Bunny which specializes something of a more personal nature - tampons and pads. For $13.75 a month the intro box contains a box of tampons or pads of your choice, a cami top and a piece of chocolate from Dagoba. While some might consider the price to be expensive if you've ever been caught without pads or tampons in the middle of the night and the nearest store being closed so you're stuck going to the corner gas station it's not that expensive.

Disclaimer: I received this box for free for reviewing purposes.

Inside my box from My Cotton Bunny came three items - a box of U by Kotex Click tampons, 18 count in Super (retail: $4.99), a Dagoba Organic Chocolate in Lavender Blueberry (0.32 oz, value $0.60) and an American Apparel cami (approximate value: $14.00) with the My Cotton Bunny logo in size M. I would place a total value on this intro box to being around $19.59.




I have to admit that I couldn't wait to eat the chocolate and gobbled that down as soon as I was finished taking pictures. It was good but it was odd eating lavender and dried blueberries in dark chocolate but I would try the larger bar of it or their Lemon Ginger one. Yum.





The cami top I passed onto my daughter who actually saw it and claimed it as her own. It's a cute cami top with the My Cotton Bunny logo. My daughter actually though it was a little cloud until I told her to give it a better look and she realized it's a little cotton bunny tail. It's a cute cami which I have a feeling she'll be using all the time.

700 700



As for the tampons, I've bought U by Kotex Click in the past for about $5 at my local Target and my eldest daughter likes the brand more so than Playtex or Tampax, except for Playex Sport which she also likes. My youngest daughter is not comfortable with tampons so she uses pads - Always Infinity - while my middle daughter and myself use both.



While I'm impressed with the shipping box and the presentation of the products inside I am a bit disappointment by the lack of products on their site to choose from at this time. Of course this is a brand new company and if it does well I foresee that they will expand on brands and types available.

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Overall I'm happy with the contents of the intro box and $13.75 for a cami top, a box of tampons and a piece of chocolate look to be a good deal to me. You can get pads and tampons for less in the store however if you have a daughter like one of my girls who never tell me that they've used up their tampons and pads and have since raided my stash and used up my stuff then this maybe for you or your daughter. I might just subscribe my eldest daughter for this since her cycle is more regular than her sisters. I would probably subscribe for myself if they had products in the absorbancy that I use but at this time they don't.

I think that some women won't find My Cotton Bunny to be a useful service but I think this actually would be a fantastic service if geared towards teenagers who may not be comfortable having to buy these types of products in the store or those who are forgetful when it comes to stocking up on tampons or pads.

This will be one company I'll keep an eye on to see if they add more product selection down the line and if they end up with the brands and absorbancy I use then I might consider signing up especially since it's a pain in the rear to have to go to the store in the middle of the night to buy pads or tampons when my girls have used up my stuff and didn't bother to tell me that they used the last one from my stash.

My Cotton Bunny Debut Box

My Cotton Bunny is the premium monthly subscription service that sends you what you need for "that time of the month" along with exquisite chocolate and some specially selected gifts to brighten your week.

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