Quiz: Find Your Fragrance Personality!

If you’re looking to change up your beauty style without replacing lots of your makeup supplies, consider changing up your signature scent. But with so many brands – not to mention smells! – on the market, it can be hard to figure out what fragrance is distinctively you. Take this quiz to find out what perfume best matches your style, and get some ideas of scents to try out!


1.) How would you describe your normal makeup look?

A. Classic & Subtle

B. Natural & Minimal

C. Fun & Flirty

D. Seductive & Sexy


2.) Which celebrity is your beauty icon?

A. Taylor Swift

B. Lauren Conrad

C. Zooey Deschanel

D. Christina Aguilera


3.) What’s your favorite season in the beauty world?

A.  Spring! I love the newest girly trends.

B. Summer! Beachy waves and a natural glow are so attractive.

C. Fall! I love playing with fun accessories and warm colors.

D.  Winter! It’s all about taking a risk with holiday looks.


4.) What’s been your favorite trend this year?

A. Embellished collars. Such a cute play on a traditional look!.

B.  Earth tones. Greens and neutrals look so good on me.

C. Nail art. I love experimenting and finding cool designs.

D. Bright red lips. They make me feel glamorous and noticeable.


5.) Which nail color appeals most to you?

A. Zoya Erika – A sparkly, girly pink.

B. Zoya Gretchen – A fetching brown.

C. Zoya Robin – A bright, fun blue.

D. Zoya Gia – An eye-catching red.





If you choose mostly As…

You love a classic, girly look, and your scent should reflect that. Find perfumes with distinctive floral notes. Common smells include roses, gardenias, lotus, freesias, and other flower oils. Marc Jacobs’ Daisy perfume has a cute, jeweled flower on the bottle and includes strong scents of violet.


If you choose mostly Bs…

Your normal style is understated and natural, so why not finish your look with fresh scents that remind you of nature. Find perfumes that include grass, sandalwood, leather, and other light floral smells. Chanel No19 – named for Coco Chanel’s birthday just a year before she died – will make you think of the outdoors all day long!


If you choose mostly Cs…

You’re playful and flirty, and love to experiment with new makeup styles. Try out fruity scents that’ll have your taste buds watering. Fruity scents often feature citrusy notes, like oranges, or even berry smells, like fresh strawberries. If you’re looking for a good playful scent, try Taj Sunset by Escada; the blood orange and mango notes will make you think of a tropical beach vacation!


If you choose mostly Ds…

Owh owh, look out, Miss Seductress! You’re sexy and glamorous, and your person style reflects that. Look for sultry scents that will capture anyone’s heart and make you stand out in a crowd. Common notes include musky scents, vanilla, and amber. Coco Chanel for Women is a classic scent that has a large mix of notes – like amber, vanilla, and jasmine! – to match your fabulous personality!


What scent personality do you get? What kind of perfume are you interested in? Let us know in the comments, or check out our fragrance forum if you need to do more research.

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