Rainy Day Fashion and Accessories

Whenever it’s pouring down rain-drenched weather conditions can invariably place a significant damper upon just about any person’s morning drive or perhaps, worse yet, it may ruin an enjoyable weekend shopping trip to the mall, the movies, or a night out. You should ramp up your excitement with a dilemma of “what to wear in in the rain”. I mean, we would like to be a fashonista, right? So, the age old question is this: Why would we let a little rain, ruin our hot shot fashionista in all of us?

When it rains, and it comes to your outfit, it’s nice to show off that you aren’t in a downer mood just because of the rain. Poor weather conditions might prove to be a dismal time, but why intensify the dreary feeling by heading out in the bad weather with some crappy, less fashioned outfit? Get your butt into your wardrobe and find something flashy! The most effective antidote would be to going after the actual those rainy day doldrums and put on anything sun-drenched as well as adorable. This will raise your spirits big-time! Rain gear can actually be considered a excellent extra add-on towards your fashionista outlet.

The other morning was just one of those mornings. It just started out on the wrong foot. I walked out and looked up to the Heavens and the sky was colored an unattractive tone of grey, the heavy fog was setting in and rain was starting. You see, it was supposed to be a regular sunny day, but, thanks to the misinformed weatherman, we were headed for some rain. So……I headed back into the house to look for something to raise my spirits. Personally, an uninspiring climate means usually kills my spirits. But no today! I wasn’t going to let it. On my docket for the day was, a bit of morning Christmas shopping at Kohl’s, lunch with a friend, meeting with my kids’ teacher, then picking up my kids from school. When I stood i front of my closet, I was met with fashion questions, but ultimately finding myself in total chaos and disarray trying to decide on a flashy but happy outfit for the day. Let’s not even talk about my hair, either. It’s blown-dry my frizzies were in full force. So, the questions where as follows: shoes, pants, shirt, and hat. I strongly feel that one can accomplish a “fashionista look” while it’s raining or even snowing. Something I also realize is that, for a lot of people, just the simple fact that weather conditions are crappy, that this may play havok on your thinking process towards your fashion

You’ll find nothing more adorable than the usual fantastic set of waterproof Ugg boots. Believe it or not, they make them! Regular Ugg boots are extremely popular around the surf community so I’m right there with them, but when it rains, I get out my waterproof set. Slap a pair skinny jeans and tuck them right into the nice brown uggs. This will be a site for a great entertaining appearance. Plus it shows your butt off! After which, who cares? At that point, splash the shopping day away! The Water Proof Ugg Boots will keep your feet dry and to help you to have some fun in all of those puddles

Trench coats have come a long way in the fashion world. They are no longer the stuffy all wrapped around coats. They are available in a vast variety of colors, styles and lengths. A trench coat is one of those worldly “all fashionable” pieces of from your wardrobes that can make or break “insta-chic” look. This is mainly due to it being the first thing people see and it’s over all the rest of your clothes. To fight stormy days and nights, I’d personally recommend a layered trench for that day where you are faced with heading out into the rain, and have them in different colors. Through traditional camel to dazzling dark-colored or perhaps a more enjoyable design, it will eventually appear “fashion-like”regardless of what variation about this trench coat you end up picking or buying.

Believe it or not, sporting a rain hat or bucket hat on top of your done up hair, can be fashionable! One critical mistake is to take a ton of time to spruce up your hair on rainy or snowy days. Rather, make use of this chance to pull out an cute rain hat or fashionable bucket hat. You could even go with one of those distressed straw cowboy hats if you have the right outfit on. These kinds of fashionable items will prove to add some pizazz towards your appearance, as well as help you stay dry and more comfortable, also!

Of course, the very most important thing that you need to take out with you in the rain is a working umbrella. I’ve seen many people that walk out into the rain and not even know that their umbrella was dead. Also, the function of your umbrella is one of the most important aspect of them. But, sacrificing fashion doesn’t need to become an issue with having an umbrella out. If you wish to remain dry, umbrellas really are a essential! Make absolutely certain the ones you have is completely worthy of transporting, which suggests it should be small but functional. But, don’t forget the pretty element of your umbrella. My very favorite fashionable umbrellas is the Marimekko’s line of umbrellas.  They have some serious fashionista qualities about them. I guess I’m a little impartial to his designs since I am from Finland and Marimekko is a Finnish design.  His designs offer great lovable variation including a pink spotted printed edition, one with little apples on it, various floral designs and one that has raindrops printed on it .  How fitting, huh?  Raindrop printed umbrella to take out in the rain. Haha!  The raindrop printed one is the one that I bought recently and I have enjoyed it a few times already this year. Here are a few of the Marimekko umbrellas that I find “fashionably quaint”:
Hey readers, do me a favor and post a reply with some rainy day tips that you find interesting!

Let’s work hard to keep those rainy day doldrums out of the terrible fashion trends and move them forward with some positive, colorful looks this season.

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