Raquel Castaneda Celebrity Make up Artist Interview Exclusive

Last month, MakeupTalk’s editorial team had the pleasure of of sitting down with Celebrity Make up Artist Raquel Castaneda. We were lucky enough to be able to ask her some great makeup related questions along with loving her great personality.

MakeupTalk: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Raquel: I’m a Celebrity Makeup Artist here in Los Angeles. I work in TV, fashion , print , film and fine art.  I am really grateful to live and work in the industry that I choose.

MakeupTalk: Did you always want to be an artist, or did you stumble upon your talent by chance? Who or what inspired you to become a makeup artist?
Raquel: I knew I wanted to live as an artist, I just didn’t known exactly at what capacity. I was always creative as a kid and I knew that I wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives. I grew up in the 80s where hair and makeup was a part of your persona. Whether it was a conscious effort or not, you were participating in a trend. I was inspired by lots of designers and musicians as a child. My mom used to play lots of rock and roll records in the house and I was always developing the latest trend.

MakeupTalk: What is your typical week like?
Raquel: My typical week: prepping for shoots, production meetings, interviews, on red carpets, working red carpets, conference calls, emails and shooting with clients

MakeupTalk: How do I keep my makeup fresh for the whole day?
Raquel: The secret to keeping makeup fresh the whole day is using the right moisturizer. A heavy moisturizer can give the skin a greasy look for oily skin. For dry skin, you could use a boost with the right primer over moisturizer. Even on dry skin a blotting paper or a high def translucent powder can keep a look lasting from day to night or from carpet to after party!

We put together a story using lots of golds. We pulled ideas and talked about a tigress inspiration with lots of liner lashed and defined high cheekbones.

MakeupTalk: We understand that you have a list of celebrities that you have worked with in the past, would you be willing to name a few and elaborate what exactly you did with them(makeup and cosmetics wise) on some of them?
Raquel: I have a laundry list of celebrities and designers all of whom I have had so much fun working with. In my chair I give everyone the

celebrity treatment. The industry staples and the go tos that I carry in my kit always are Embryolisse Moisturizer, RCMA Palattes, Makeup Forever High Def Powder and Cover Girl Lash Blast. I worked with Christina Milian on a live performance. We put together a story using lots of golds. We pulled ideas and talked about a tigress inspiration with lots of liner, lashes, and defined high cheekbones.

MakeupTalk: How does your makeup artist routine differ for celebrities and regular makeup jobs as in bridal?
Raquel: The great thing about working with celebrities is you only have to pack for 1 person. Working fashion shows and TV generally you are packing many kits, spare kits and the just in case!

MakeupTalk: What is a daily makeup routine for yourself?
Raquel: My daily makeup routine varies but I will say that I never leave the house without sunscreen, mascara and my current favorite fragrance!

MakeupTalk: Would you ever find cosmetics as just a hobby?
Raquel: Cosmetics always is and always will be a full-time passion! I knew this after my first free gift!

MakeupTalk: What are your favorite feature(s) do you love to accentuate when you do your makeup on celebrities?
Raquel: When I’m working with celebrities my favorite thing to accentuate are their cheekbones. Men and women. I work with a variety of bronzers, blushes and concealers.

MakeupTalk: Can you go through your makeup routine that you may take with celebrities?
Raquel: The red carpet service aspect of my job is what I enjoy the most. When I get to transform a person into a polished version of themselves. The biggest reward is when they look in the mirror and know they look their best! There is so much power in being a makeup artist and giving the gift of beauty. When a person looks their best they usually feel their best. That’s what I love being a part of. People giving their best face forward.

MakeupTalk: Is your personality affected on bad makeup days?
Raquel: There are NO bad makeup days.

MakeupTalk: Where do you purchase most of your cosmetics?
Raquel: I get most of my stuff for free from my brands or I love going to the makeup trade shows because you can always get good deals and chat it up with the different brands.

MakeupTalk: What, would you say, are the biggest color trends in makeup right now?
Raquel: Currently you are seeing many bold statements of color this season. Lots of orange and purple and a 60s cat eye. Any of these paired with a bold lip is def summer ready.

MakeupTalk: In your own words, describe what an average woman do to get flawless skin, which is the basis for a great looking makeup.
Raquel: Keep your skin hydrated. Thoroughly exfoliate and apply moisturizer. Protect your skin with sunscreen.

MakeupTalk: What is your favorite “drugstore” product?
Raquel: My favorite drug store products are CVS makeup wipes and Cover Girl Lash Blast.

MakeupTalk: What is your favorite “high end” product?
Raquel: My favorite high end product is Crème de la Mer moisturizer for dry skin.

MakeupTalk: How do you feel about the airbrush trend that’s ramping up? Do you use it?
Raquel: Yes, I’m all about the airbrush trend! It cuts your foundation application time in half!

MakeupTalk: What is the toughest part of your job?
Raquel: Most definitely unloading your gear!

MakeupTalk: What is the biggest misconception you think people have about the celebrity/professional Makeup Artist industry?
Raquel: That it’s all glamour, but it’s a lot of attention to detail!

MakeupTalk: What makeup tips can you share with women who try to achieve the professional makeup look at home?
Raquel: Choose the right foundation, primer and tinted moisturizer, always wear mascara and carry a lip-gloss with SPF.

MakeupTalk: What are the must have products for the summer/fall of this year?
Raquel: Must have products for summer: Nars Laguna bronzer, Nars Orgasm blush, YSL gloss (I like YSL #31, #144, #30) and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

MakeupTalk: What is your most used makeup item?
Raquel: Chanel Tint Innocent foundation and Cover Girl lash blast

MakeupTalk: What’s in YOUR makeup bag right now?
Raquel: Chanel Tint Innocent foundation


MakeupTalk: Your top 5 brands:
Raquel: Makeup Forever, Nars, YSL, Laura Mercier, MAC

MakeupTalk: Your favorite facial feature:
Raquel: cheekbones

MakeupTalk: Most respected Professional MUA:
Raquel: Pat McGrath

MakeupTalk: Most respected designer:
Raquel: Alexander McQueen RIP.

Images from her work:

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