Review of Rain Cosmetics: Blood, Sweat, and Tears Lip Series

I love to support smaller cosmetics brands, especially when they launch superior product.  Las Vegas’ Rain Cosmetics has done it again with their 3 new lip products, designed to be worn alone and/or together.  The adorably packaged lip series consists of Blood: a gel lip stain, Sweat: a golden sparkling gloss with a subtle fruit scent, and Tears: a perfectly clear gloss without scent nor flavor.  I love this creative concept!

I am a big, bold lip kind of girl, so when I want to wear a natural looking lip, I want it to at least have staying power.  For me, a lip stain usually fits the bill. Though I love the look, stains can often dry out my lips and fade in the middle, creating a harsh, 90s style lip line.  There IS a time and place for that look, but while running around during my busy day is not quite the time!  I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of Rain’s gel stain.  It gave subtle, red-based color that applied perfectly even and did not fade much at all, even after eating and a 12 hour work day.  Not only that, my lips actually felt quite moisturized during the entire day of wear.

The Sweat gloss is a really beautiful overcoat of golden chunky glitter that turns slightly iridescent in the light.  I loved it over the subtle color of the stain, though I did feel the need to add the Tears gloss on top.  The glitter in Sweat is gorgeous, but the chunky texture felt a bit rough on the lips.  Tears is a crystal clear gloss, not too sticky, and it added the necessary moisture and smoother feel I felt I needed to make the Sweat gloss more comfortable.

All in all this lip series is impressive.  It does a fantastic job in wear and performance, wearing evenly for hours without that typical fade in the middle of my lips.  The color stayed uniform and wore better than most stains I have tried.  My lips felt moisturized all day, and the super cute packaging and attention to detail made it easy for me to love these lip lovelies.  I am always happy to support the smaller brands, and this indie company just keeps raising the bar.

The lip series retails for $30 as a set, or $12 individually.  The set is definitely the better deal, and all three products would mix and match well with anyone’s collection.  Check out pics below!

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Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.

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I am a retail store owner, freelance make-up artist, wife to Tim and mom to baby Olivia! I love to write and am a tireless makeup junkie. Always inspired by vintage glam, red lipstick is a must on a daily basis for me.
  1. I love Rain Cosmetics myself! They are a fast growing and professional cosmetics company that is one of the quality smaller brands out there . This is a great article showcasing their lip products.

    It’s great to hear about the performance of Rain’s gel stain, “Tears” (crystal clear gloss).

    Great article and I love the images! Thanks Alicia!

  2. I do believe that physical beauty will always left a good aura to other people, especially when you are in a field in business.. I love collecting different kinds of lips tick to maintain the beauty in front of other people..

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