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Our wardrobes generally change with the seasons, but what about our perfumes? I have really built up my fragrance collection over the past year, and I have a nice variety of scents and strengths. Now that spring is here I am switching out the perfumes I use on a daily basis to lighter fruity and floral scents. Some of my favorite perfumes are heavy on the musk and spice notes, but they just don’t fit well for warm sunny days. Here are some of my favorite fragrances for the new season! 


Clinique Happy has been one of my go-to perfumes for as long as I can remember. Well, for as long as I’ve worn perfumes. I would always catch whiffs of it when sitting in my Momma’s lap as a kid, so it’s a very comforting fragrance for me. Their new variation on the classic is Clinique Happy In Bloom. I picked this one up last year when it first came out for spring. They have changed the bottle design for this year, but it’s still filled with the same incredible aroma. In my opinion this is the absolute perfect floral spring fragrance!





Oiseau’s The Charmer isn’t very well known or advertised, so when I saw it while shopping in Anthropologie I didn’t expect it to be anything worth buying. Oh my goodness, was I wrong! I have used an entire bottle of this stuff! The scent is described as “black raspberries and lemon wheels floating atop a coconut and vanilla cocktail.” This concoction creates the best thing I have ever smelled.  It’s really light and fresh but still warm with vanilla, perfect for spring!




While grazing the fragrance wall in Sephora, “skin” is the last description you would have in mind. The pretty plum shade of the bottle caught my eye so I had to give it a test. CLEAN’s Skin perfume is everything I want in a subtle scent. No, it doesn’t smell like actual skin, but it blends right into your body for the perfect light smell that continues to radiate throughout the day. It is filled with “hints of dewy flower petals wrapped around notes of pure creaminess and warm musk to evoke the simple scent of touchable skin.” You’ll really just have to smell this one for yourself!





This last product is something totally new. It is the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Pink #2 Body Mist! I got this spray from Bloomingdale’s on my trip to NYC last week, and they had just gotten this line in. I had purchased my best guy friend one of the men’s Big Pony Red #2 body sprays last year, so when I saw they were doing Big Pony for girls I was so so excited! This is a very fine mist that instantly refreshes you with notes of cranberry and tonka mousse. Perfect for warmer weather!






Do you switch up your scents when the seasons change? What are your favorite fragrances for spring?




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  1. Need to change my scent for spring. Clinique has been my choice ever since.

  2. What I wouldn’t give to be able to wear perfumes, but sadly I’m allergic to them as they all contain a lot of chemicals that I’m highly sensitive to. Such a pity!

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