Sephora Hosts Grand Opening Celebration for Newest Store in Las Vegas

Sephora, one of the most prominent beauty retailers in the industry, hosted a memorable Grand Opening celebration on Friday November 18, 2011 for its newest location in sunny Las Vegas.  Though it certainly isn’t the only location in town, the new store is nestled in a very important spot: right inside the world famous Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.  The Forum Shops boast a huge collection of the best designer boutiques out there, from Dolce & Gabbana to Valentino to the biggest H & M imaginable!  I was fortunate enough to get up bright and early and witness the spectacle.

The rumor of this newest Sephora had been passed all around the Las Vegas beauty industry for months, so of course I had to attend.  I am not usually the type to get up early and stand for hours in line for anything, but this Grand Opening had something pretty amazing going for it: free gift cards for the first 100 people!  The amount ranged from $10 to $500, all given at random.  I rushed in around 8 am, certain I was too late.  Luckily, I was only the 20th person in line! I met my dear friend and fellow makeup artist with much-needed Starbucks, and the fun of waiting had begun.  As the minutes ticked by, the wonderful Sephora staff passed out commemorative bottled water along with a perfume sample.  I was able to snag Viktor & Rolf’s phenomenal Flowerbomb, one of my favorites to wear.

Around 9am the line doubled in size, and by 10 we were all getting impatient.  Suddenly the glass doors opened revealing a large crowd of Sephora staff and artists, 2 feathered show girls, and one flawless Holly Madison of Playboy fame, the official ribbon cutter.  Promotional shots were taken and by 10:15am we were too antsy to stand still.  Finally the line moves and I have a black gift card in my hand.  Hoping for the best, I open the envelope to reveal a card of $50!  Not too shabby, and completely worth my time in line.  The one $500 gift card went to an ecstatic girl a few spots in front of me in line.  When she saw her amount she screamed and jumped around with pure joy, it was so fun to see!  I hope she got some amazing new things.

The interior of the store was much smaller than the rumor suggested.  Many of us had heard it would be 2 stories with a giant selection.  It was a beautiful store but certainly not 2 stories, and it carried all the brands a typical Sephora has.  I don’t have a ton of time to shop for makeup usually, so I was really looking forward to perusing the latest from one of my favorite brands Illamasqua.  Of course, this is the only store here in Las Vegas that does not carry my brand!  I was able to check out Armani Beauty however, which was gorgeous.  This is only the second Sephora in the nation to carry Armani, so this store is special in that way.  The celebration was complete with a D.J., body painting from Make Up Forever, and an interactive perfume station to help one choose a new scent. The body painting is always so fun to watch!

After the ribbon cutting Holly Madison came back in to shop.  Holly is even more gorgeous in person, and a definite girl after my own heart as she spent a good chunk of time shopping at Nars!

So what did I get for my $50?  Lip color!  It was a very tough choice between those and Guerlain’s phenomenal Meteorites Perles powder, but in the end I thought 3 new products were better than one!  I ended up with a beautiful deep burgundy matte lipstick from Nars, a similar matte formula in red from Sephora’s brand, and a very impressive Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil from Sephora as well.  I love discovering new products, so for me it was a very successful Grand Opening party.  When you find yourself in Las Vegas, be sure to check out the newest outpost of Sephora at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.  You may stumble onto a new beauty trick, and perhaps some new show girl dance moves!

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