Sephora Professional Platinum Natural Crease Brush #10

Sephora Professional Platinum Natural Crease Brush #10

What it is:

This brush applies and blends shadow within the creases to add depth.

What it does:
Known as the “windshield wiper” brush, this style has a tapered tip that softly blends back and forth within the creases. This plush brush features the highest grade bristles possible, for a supple, smooth application.

As you start to build your brush collection, this crease brush is a must have! For professionals and everyday users this tool will not disappoint. I personally do not endorse one product line over another as I believe it comes down to preference. I found that the Sephora brand of brushes to deliver as promised. This brush has a good weight and is a quality brush. A bit pricy? That again is subjective; I will say that I am not big on paying for something because of just a name.  So for other brands I find the price to be comparable.

When applying your shadow into the crease the shape of this brush brilliantly applies the color to just the area you desire. This is worth its weight in gold as far as I’m concerned. Part of effortless application is the tools you use, and the ability to apply your make up properly. This pretty much takes the guess work out of where your shadow needs to go.

Pick up your color lightly with your brush and close your eye and apply with a windshield wiper motion. Re apply based on your preference and desired look.

This brush is easy to clean and maintain. No shedding or drying out after multiple uses and cleaning. This speaks volumes when looking to make an investment, and lets me honest brushes are just that”¦

Definitely a pretty Girl Palette Pick!

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Sephora Professional Platinum Natural Crease Brush #10

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  1. I don’t have that one, but I do have their regular crease brush (the black one) and I LOVE IT. It’s one of my favorite brushes. Their crease brushes are so dense and blend and apply product so beautifully. The quality is just amazing! I prefer it to my mac one.

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