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On October 26, 2011 Sephora announced an exciting new video experience called Sephora TV.  Sephora’s new online beauty related multimedia video channel conglomerate, available right on their website, is a hot new beauty video experience. Anyone who’s into beauty knows the beauty and cosmetics chain called Sephora and they know the dedication they take in promoting beauty brands.  We are just about sure that all of our followers know Sephora as they carry over 250 brands of beauty products.  They tout it as “the video channel that brings our brands, products, and events to life. Turn beauty ON.”


The newly launched beauty video faction is found here  The tag line that is shown at the channel is “TURN BEAUTY ON advice, trends, how-tos – watch and get inspired.”  It’s interesting that Sephora decided to launch their own video channel instead of using widely accepted YouTube to display their videos.  As it looks, they have hired to help them product and deliver the High Definition videos.

The online beauty channel currently has 5 different TV or video categories:

  • Beauty Studio – Beauty channel showing “how-tos that include eyeshadow application/blush applications, eyeliners applications, etc.
  • Trend Report – Trend channel showing current seasonal beauty and makeup trends for lips, face and eyes.
  • Sephora Hot Now – Divided up into volumes, this channel houses the handpicked HOT, most buzzed about makeup and beauty items.
  • Sephora Presents – Beauty and trendy channel showing a variety of beauty related videos that may not fall into the other categories like the introduction of the Sephora App for the iPad.
  • Brands – Simply a precise brand related channel that showcases the hottest brands sold at Sephora.




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