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Skin Deep: Controversies of Tattoos

Tattoo is art you can display on your body by using a needle to transfer ink to the lowest level of your skin.  Tattoos are semi-permanent; you can only remove it with laser surgery. Every day, more and more people are getting tattoos. They are extremely common in the younger generation and getting more popular with older people.  I have seen some really amazing artwork and other pieces that looked like they went to a kid to get tattooed. I feel that some people treat a tattoo more as an accessory than a life decision.  However, before I get a ahead of myself, I want to discuss the good and bad of tattoos.


The Good:

One good thing about tattoos is that if you feel really strongly about something, you can display it on your body. Tattoos can be very personal for only you to see or open for the world the see. Tattoos are also a great form of self-expression. Some people get tattoos to be different, while others get tattoos to conform to a group.  Aside from personal and societal satisfaction, tattoos are not useful for much else.




The Bad

There are a lot of stereotypes about people with a lot of tattoos and piercings. Some people may judge you before they even get to know you, and tattoos can also hinder your professional appeal. I do not want to sound like a Negative Nancy, but I do think there is a fine line between your professional and personal life, so you keep your personal tattoos out of sight in your professional office. Aside from a job, you may get judged by people you do not know, or maybe your closest friends! I know I had a few friends that got really bizarre tattoos that made me rethink what type of person they were. Just know, whatever you display publically, make sure it is something that wo’t put your character in question.



The Advice

To avoid regretting your tattoo, it should be completely thought out. Think about questions like, would this tattoo affect how I look professionally? Can I live with this tattoo for the next 30 years? Also, I would avoid very public places, such as the neck, wrists, and face. If you are not sure about how it will look on certain places, try a less permanent method like art brush or henna tattoos. For more advice, check out this the tattoo help and advice for MUT members talking about advice for tattoos. You can also see this thread to see just how many of our users have body art . Of course, everything that was said is my own opinion. I wanted to address this because I have a tattoo myself, but I am tired of people abusing the art form. What do you think? Anybody have any special pieces they would like to share? What are your opinions of the growing people with bizarre tattoos?

About the author
  1. I have multiple tattoos on my body. I have one on each foot, one on the inside of my ankle, and one on my shoulder. In my opinion, I didn’t think about how others would react to my tattoos. I got all of my tattoos for personal/sentimental reasons, so as far as I am concerned, other peoples opinions of them doesn’t matter. I would never want to base what I do with my body on what others find acceptable or what fits the society “norms”. Good article though!

  2. I got a tattoo the day I turned 18. I love tattoos because they can help you express yourself. I plan on getting lots of other tattoos in the future. Hopefully I can get my second one soon.

  3. I got a tattoo last February. It was something I thought about getting for about a year and knew exactly what I wanted, a cross with the words to strong tower that represented me overcoming anxiety disorder with the help of God. My friends and I all decided to get tattoos together and it was a fun day. I almost chickened out but they encouraged me and I haven’t regretted it. As a future teacher, I knew it would have to be a place that was easily covered so I got it on my shoulder blade. I want to get another one that is my favorite bible verse. I think tattoos should be very meaningful, you shouldn’t get something silly for the sake of getting a tattoo. I love my tattoo and wouldn’t have changed getting it.

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