Stamped on my Heart: Nail Art

For some strange reason, I was born with hands incapable of drawing cute pictures on my nails. It is really frustrating seeing all the nail art pictures, especially now since I am seeing a lot of Halloween themed nail art. I found an easy solution that I want to share with you all! I am talking about stamp art, of course. Many of you may know about it and probably do it regularly, but if you do not know about, I gladly took pictures of my first experience so it may help you if you ever deicide to try stamp art.

First you need a stamping art kit with a stamper and scraper.












You will also need at least one stamping plate.










Then you need your basecoat, topcoat, and one to two polishes.









In honor of the Halloween season, I used a design with spider webs.









First you need to apply a basecoat like the start of any other manicure.









Next, you need to apply one to two coats of the polish you want in the background of your design. It is very important to let this coat dry completely before moving to the next step.










You then need to paint the design with your second polish.









Next, use the scraper from you nail stamping kit and scrape the excess polish. You must use the scraper at a 90 degree angle and not slanted so you only get the excess polish.









Then, you must press the stamper on the plate while the polish is still wet so the design will transfer.









Finally, you press the stamper to your nail and apply a top coat.









Repeat for any of your nails that you want stamped and then you are done!









It may be seem like a long process, however if done correctly, you will produce beautiful nail stamp art. So what you do think? Would you use this stamp technique? If you would like to see this whole process in action, a MuT member posted a video in one of our threads. If you have any stamping art you would like to share or any other tips to improve this nail art process, please share!

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