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Skin Lighteners

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after taking antibiotics and walking around the sun everyday, my face has a light yellowish-tan hue

i am thinking of trying a skin lightener to make my face back to it's ivory form any suggestions?
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Re: Skin Lighteners

Originally Posted by Naturally
Find something that has Kojic acid in it. That is known for lightening the skin. Also check into a microdermabrasion product ..maybe that will help. DEFINITELY wear sunscreen when using some meds ..usually they have precautions on the bottle ..if not ..look up in a PDR if you can to see what other possible side effects are!
thanks kim! i'll definately give it a try!
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Re: Skin Lighteners

Hyperpigmented skin
Your complexion lacks brightness and is uneven. You have dark spots caused by UV during excessive sun exposure or which have appeared with age. To restore a bright, even complexion and block all factors that cause these imperfections, you need active products which purify and drain skin, to leave it clean, fresh and translucent

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</TD><TD> </TD><TR vAlign=top><TD align=middle width=124>Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Toning Lotion (combination/oily)
</TD><TD width=27> </TD><TD align=middle width=124>Bright Plus Hydrating Brightening Lotion SPF 20
Bright Plus Total Brightening Essence
</TD><TD width=27> </TD><TD align=middle width=124>Bright Plus Repairing Brightening Night Cream </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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Re: Skin Lighteners

Check out Shiseido's product lines on UV White or White Luccent. I use the UV White line and noticed a difference-my foundation color went a step lighter and age spots are not as visble as they used to. I'm curious now about their new line of White Luccent ( would want to try it out once my UV White products are consumed).
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Re: Skin Lighteners

DHC has a skin lightening line called Alpha Arbutin. I believe it contains Hydroquinine which is a proven skin lightener and brightener. I have used it but had to stop because I had an allergic reaction to the moisturizer. I have heard good things about it though.
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Re: Skin Lighteners

thanks girls! i am so tired of my skin discolorations now that i got my zits outta the way, now i have to worry about it's side effects
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Re: Skin Lighteners

About six weeks ago, I picked up a package of Dr. Varon's Skin Bleaching System in the local grocery store....It contains mineral oil, so I was hesitant to use it, but I noticed immediate improvements in the first week, although, the instructions said it would take around 15 days, and I haven't broken out a bit. I'd say it was a worthwhile gamble.
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Re: Skin Lighteners

if all else fails you try obagi clear normally you need to go derm for this, but you can get anything on the net. (skinstore).

it is a little expensive and some people do have an allergic reaction.

i am using it for a real a real bad case of hyperpigmentation (sp) and i have no reaction yet, i also use renova and still am doing ok. i do use camila oil with grape seed extract and dermabutter (camila before applying and dermabutter after) so my skin does not dry out.

good luck
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Re: Skin Lighteners

If you would like to get lighter, a minimum of 2-3 shades, the best are Makari products. They contain no kojic acid and no hydroquinone. Its safe and EFFECTIVE although expensive. Hydroquinone and Kojic acid have an adverse effect of giving brown spots on your skin if exposed to sunlight. Thats why if you wear them in sun you have to put lots of sunscreen. Most Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid products are therefore night time treatments. In Makari their products are from Caviar (natural plant extract) Which is safe and effective. Currently they are giving out samples which i just ordered recently www.makari.com . They are especially made for asian and african skins that would like to get LIGHTER safely without harsh ingredients. I havent tried any makari products, i am waiting for my sample. I did a lil research- found LOTS of positive remarks on it.
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I have heard not to use products with those ingredients before and cannot remember why. I use Exuviance "OptiLight" with great results by just using it in place of my moisturizer before bed every other night.  

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Gentle Foaming Cleanser is best skin Lighteners. You should try it once time. I hope you will get satisfaction from this skin Lighteners product.....

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Basically what Mariasemuel wrote...  take multivitamins, eat lot of fruits and vegetables (balanced diet), wear sunblock every, exfoliate your skin using facial scrubs, tone your face using lemons


From my experience, when your liver has to work hard, your skin tends to yellow.  After I drink or get sick, I noticed discoloration also.

Try Skin 79 brightening mask and Shiseido White Lucent.

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