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Detrivore Cosmetics

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Has anyone used any of the products from this company?
Detrivore Cosmetics

I've read several reviews about them and all seems to be good. Their prices are very fair and their colors seem varied and I am in love with a few.
What I'm interested in the most is their primer, their eye makeup primer. While it's not vegan, it's one of the most natural primers I've seen and I'm curious about it's staying power.
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Re: Detrivore Cosmetics

I love Detrivore primer and have used it almost everyday since I got it! You just need the tiniest bit (really, otherwise it doesn't work well). My lids are dry and if you have oilier, it might work better over primer (like TFSI). Pigments look almost foiled with this primer!

I have also their eye shadows but haven't tried those yet
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Re: Detrivore Cosmetics

Thanks Nea!
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I placed an order on the 9th for some shadows and a blush. The colors I chose were mostly gray tones, and I picked them specifically for the makeup I'm wearing this Halloween. There was a little note on the main page that said processing time was 7-21 days. All the items I picked are in stock, so I was hoping it'd be closer to 7 days than 21, but understood the risk. So I placed my order, and paypal processed my payment, but my problem now is that I just haven't heard anything about my order. No confirmation, and no response to my submission on the little Contact form on the site.


Thing is, the shadows I ordered aren't going to be as useful to me if I don't get them before my Halloween event on the 27th. If there's a chance that can't happen, I'd rather know asap so I can adjust the colors to something I can wear day to day and not just all gray shades. I guess I'm just getting antsy and feeling like I'm in a bind because I haven't received any kind of response yet. I think I'd kept my fingers crossed about her processing time because I was hoping for some kind of confirmation that my question was being seen, but I'm just not sure! I also can't seem to find an email address as another means of contacting her.


I'm still very interested in trying her makeup, and don't want to cancel my order, but rather adjust, if necessary (and possible). Does anyone have any experience ordering from Detrivore? Any advice? Is it entirely too soon to get this antsy? icon_eek.gif

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Oh. I forgot I posted this. Well, if anyone was curious about a follow up, it seems the owner was dealing with some personal stuff for a while (which I only discovered through facebook way after the fact; don't know why it didn't occur to me to check there before). She did get back to me, and was perfectly lovely and able to get my order in on time. I think I overpaid for shipping a tad, but I was so glad to get my order that I didn't really sweat it. The colors were just what I needed for my Halloween makeup look. Happy ending here! I would order from her again.

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Prices, what's the prices like?
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Quite reasonable for the amount included. She also has sales often and offers dollar samples in baggies.

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whats reasonable? example?

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Just check out the site; all the products are listed with prices.

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