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Red nose

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I don't know if it's broken capilleries or a sun burn that permanently damaged the pigment of the skin, but ever since I sunburnt my face at the lake three years ago, my nose has always been red from the bridge all the way down to the tip. I've tried everything to get rid of it, but I can't pinpoint the cause. Does anyone else suffer from this?
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Re: Red nose

Its just the natural occurrence of skin damage. a reason its SOOOO important to use sunscreen!
My skin is totally different from what it was from too many years of beach and boats... and I still have to assert myself about it (I just love being tan and golden- I grew up in California)
But Yes- Sun Damage.
so from this point on- you need to focus on prevention and repair.
Glycolic Acid
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Re: Red nose

I wonder if it may actually be from the constant cold. I live in the north, so everytime I stepped foot outside my nose would become bright red and overtime it just got redder and redder. Is it possible for the winter elements to change the pigmentation of your skin? No doubt it took me years to heal my used to be dry chapped skin caused by the horrid weather here.
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