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Interview with Macys

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I have an interview next week for a job as a Cosmetics Counter Manager- what do you think they will be looking for- and how do I prepare? I have had 3 years of experience in sales, and 2 years in managing but never have worked with makeup professionally.

What should I wear?

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Re: Interview with Macys

i think you should wear a great big smile and be really loud over do your gestures and smell nice
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Re: Interview with Macys

I suggest wearing all black most counter Beauty Advisors wear all black & You dont really have to have experience in Makeup , Though it does help Ive worked at Lancome & Origins for Macys & the interviews are simple & Just have confidence & Dont be nervous Im sure your sales experience will Help you!!!
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Re: Interview with Macys

Working for a similar retail store and seeing the numbers of hopeful applicants walk past my office, I would recommend that you dress professionally, wear makeup (since you will be working cosmetics) and come prepared. For hair and makeup, unless you are working the MAC counter, I would keep the bright shadows and blue nail polish to a minimum. Don't over-do your perfume as you will most likely be in a small closed room for the interview and you don't want to overpower who will be interviewing you. Remember, you are going to a job interview. One of the questions you might be asked is , "How do you plan on growing your business?" You need to have specific answers to that, not just "Well, people will see me and stop to buy something." You want to have answers that speak to the business end, not just your makeup experience if you want a CM job. It's all about the bottom line - you will have to market yourself as well as the line you will be managing.
You may also be asked how you plan on getting and keeping the best talent as your employees. If you have management in your background, you are already ahead of the applicants who don't.

Good luck to you!
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Re: Interview with Macys

I agree with Janetsbreeze. I work part time at Macy's in the Cosmetics Dept, I did not have "cosmetics" experience when I was hired, but I know how to do makeup and feel I am put together. I worked in Sales at Macy's in the past so I already knew about their selling style. I wore all black and did my makeup well, but did not over do the colors. I wore a light lip color and a light eye. I got the job so I guess that I did well, and I know from experience they will ask you the type of questions that Janetsbreeze stated so just be prepared and be confident, they want confident, outgoing people representing their counters. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Re: Interview with Macys

Some of the common interview questions any company asks are:
1) Tell us about yourself. (They want to know about your skills, experiences, & education.)
2) Why should we hire you? (This is where you summarize your experiences & list your accomplishments... it doesn't hurt to throw in a couple of characteristics that would make you a good employee such as responsible, self-motivated, etc.)
3) What are some of your weaknesses & strengths? (Highlight your strengths, & whatever weaknesses you may have, let them know that you're always willing to improve professionally & personally)
4) Why do yo want to work for this company? (Show that you're not only interested in working for this company, but that you have also done research about this company--- know a thing or two about their products, reputation, the position you're applying for)
5) Do you have any questions about this company? (If they happen to ask you this, ask questions that will give you a better idea of the job profile & responsibilities for the open positions... you can also use the opportunity to ask about next steps in the process)

Hope this helps & good luck!
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