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has anyone heard of CQ makeup? i was glancing around at walgreens yesterday and came across it, its really cheap, but i thought i would give it a try, i bought a really pretty shimmery gray color. and when i got home i wanted to try it out, i always cant wait to try new products out. and it was prettier than i thought it was going to be, it stayed on for forever, when i went to wash my makeup off, it didnt wana come off very easily... i think i may have a new cheapo makeup favorite
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Re: Cq?

I love the Cq lipsticks, walmart used to carry them but stopped! I will have to check out my local Walgreens cause I miss that lipstick!!!!! Thanks for the heads up!
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Re: Cq?

I have never heard of it but glad to see that it worked out for you.
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Re: Cq?

Hm, CQ has a little display at my walmart, but I've never really looked at it; Now I'll have to pick something up next time i'm there, new lines I've never used always suck me in like that!
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Re: Cq?

Hmmm. I've never heard of it before... don't think I've seen it. But thanks for the info, I'll have to keep an eye out from now on!
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Re: Cq?

My 88-yr-old Mom really likes CQ/CQ2 lipstick. Apparently, it is stocked at Walmart's, but not at all of them. If you want to purchase last year's colors, they can be found on eBay.

Here's the problem: from one year to another, they may change the color number that is matched to the name. For example, spicy pink is #144 last year (black case) and this year #254 (lavender iridescent case).

My Mom has always been very particular about cosmetics. When she was younger, she could afford nearly any brand, so she aways bought the best, which is not always the most expensive. She bought them in upscale department stores, if you get the point.

Nowadays, living in a nursing home, cost is a consideration. But she still goes for quality and performance. After her stroke, putting on makeup was difficult, so she needed a lipstick that looked good, didn't feather, and lasted until bedtime.

Now, when I was in high school, she sternly told me, "You are an inexpensive date, not a cheap one. Remember the difference." I think this is the rule she applies to cosmetics.

So CQ stands up to her rigourous tests for quality and performance, but at an inexpensive price.

This is such a good line, I wish it were sold online or at more retail outlets.
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Re: Cq?

I've heard of it, but never saw it. I don't even think I've seen at walgreens yet.
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Re: Cq?

never heard of it.
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Re: Cq?

I haven't heard of CQ either--but I am sure going to be looking!
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Re: Cq?

Whoa....old thread!
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Re: Cq?

I have found CQ make up at Wal*Mart and thought it was really cheap, and I wanted a change, so I went ahead and bought it. Probably one of the best eye shadows I've bought in a long, long time. The eye cream in a tube stays on ALL DAY...and I've slept in it and it's been on when I've woken up. The only negative I have about it is that you have to wait for it to dry (other wise you'll get it stuck in the creases) and you can't smudge or blend it at all like you can powdered shadows. You also can't blend it with another cream shadow, but you can with a powdered shadow.
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Re: Cq?

Thanks, lady, for your experience. The eBay selller for Cq is mssskel.
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Re: Cq?

Oh, I have a few CQ shadows and lipglosses and stuff. They aren't bad. I really prefer the singles to the multiple shadows too. I'm realizing with a good base, almost anything can work now - which works, cuz I'm gonna be on a budget for a while...
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I love the lipstick, smells good ,stays put. I bought mine at walmart, then they stopped carrying it.N trying to find it somewhere else.

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@ moss. Walmart stopped carrying the product but you can directly order it from the company- and it's free shipping. They were really friendly and helpful when I called to stock up on all my favorties!


check it out and get the phone number 


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CQ Cosmetics is proud to announce the launch of our new website! You can view all of our affordable, high quality products on the site at cqcosmetics.com. Customers can now order online and receive free shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Stop by today to purchase your favorite CQ products!

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Love the CQ Smooth Berry 255! I have been hanging on to the tube searching for this lipstick again, using a lipbrush to get the last dregs.  I found the display case at Walmart but it is now filled with other stuff.  The CQ Smooth Berry will still popup on Walmart but I think they discontinued carrying the line.  For a short while I though the CQ stood for Covergirl Queen.  No, CQ is it's own brand.  You can buy it on-line or order over the phone.  Its only $4.50 for a tube and the shipping is free.  Will be ordering three.  I like to layer my lipstick and I liked this as a topcoat and everyone used to compliment me on my lips.  I hate when I fall in love with a color and it's discontinued.  I have to say that with Maybelline, I can still find Cherries in the Snow after way too many years I don't want to count.  They still carry their classic line.  Makeup manufacturers take note...stop constantly changing the colors and the numbers assocated with them.  Change is not always good! redface.gif

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CQ no longer has a website. I wonder if they went out of business.  If so, it upsets me, because I loved their eye liners!  I change colors often, so the few that I bought a few years ago, are finally beyond use.  I went back to Walmart, which is where I purchased them, and nothing there.  I've searched on line, nothing.  I went to the website, including the facebook page, recommended by people from this site, and nothing.  So.....I wonder.  Are they even still in business?  I checked amazon, ebay and overstock.com    If anyone knows of a place, please let me know!  I wish my pencils were full, I could get the address of of them and see if they are still in business. 

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The Parent company for CQ was Scherer. They went out of business back in June 2013 but possibly earlier. CQ is no more. :-(

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