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Mine are:

1. Pixiwoo

2. Gossmakeupartist

3. Lollipop26

4. MakeupbyTiffanyD

5. Petrilude


And I loved Lipgunk but she's been MIA for 6 months now.

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I cant believe no one has mentioned the pixi girls


pixi2woo and






some others that arnt mentioned enuf:




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1. Emilynoel83 is my all time Fave!

2. MakeupbyTiffany

3. MakeupGeekTV

4. VintageorTacky

5. Oxfordjasmine <-- love her accent


I will watch others as these gals above recommend, but these are the ones I'm subscribed to and update regular. 



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I don't watch enough to have a top 5 but I adore queenofblending!
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Talkin' Makeup with Camille Megan I loveloveLOVE her, she is so entertaining

Michelle Phan of course (her Sailor Moon video was amazing <3)

Pixiwoo is an amazing professional, very good at explaining technique.






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Hudaheidik (The best projection a makeup artist can possess when vlogging.)

Makeupholicliz (One of the best makeup artists to walk on planet earth.)

Gossmakeupartist (He is incredibly talented.)

Eily311 (She vlogs an array of makeup tutorials that not many others vlog about.)

Panacea81 (She is one of the original makeup artists that I enjoy.)

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1. Tanya Burr - pixi2woo

2. Marlena - MakeupGeekTV

3. Kandee - kandeejohnson

4. Tiffany - MakeupbyTiffanyD

5. Nikkie - nikkietutorials


They are all great and have such amazing talent! They seem really nice too! :)

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Eman Aziz (MakeupbyEman) is my favorite of all time..partially because I feel we have similar features and colorings so it's just convenient to go with a guru that's similar to you.

Pixiwoo  (though I never try anything out by them)

I like DeziredBeauty as well 

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In no particular order:







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lisaeldridgedotcom is the only real 'Guru' I can be bothered to watch on a regular basis.

I do love a good haul video, though.
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Originally Posted by Maris Crane View Post

lisaeldridgedotcom is the only real 'Guru' I can be bothered to watch on a regular basis.

I do love a good haul video, though.

I love Lisa but she doesn't consider herself a guru. She's fantastic though and I consider her about the gurus.


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In no particular order.


Yaz - she's a Muslim makeup artists in England, I believe, and stunningly gorgeous. She always wears the hijab in her videos, which is how you can easily tell her apart. The eyes and skin on that woman are to die for and none of the other TouTube gurus come close to comparing to her. Definitely my number 1 favorite of all time. She is sometimes criticized by other Muslim women, which makes her even more a favorite of mine. The woman has guts AND is really good at what she does.


Pursebuzz - one of the first I came across when I started watching YouTube MUAs


Pixiwoo - but they occasionally annoy me and can sometimes seem pretentious as well




Makeup Geek - to me she seems like she would be genuinely nice in person, but I could be wrong. Not the 'plaster on a smile and pretend to be nice' BS, but really a nice person deep down.


Kandee Johnson - my 6th one

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My top favorites are (in order):


1.) lisaeldridgedotcom


2.) gossmakeupartist


3.) emilynoel83


4.) kandeejohnson


5.)  Promise Phan


Seriously, there are too many to mention. I would include Pixiwoo and they're blog site because they manage to recreate some of the most rememberable makeup looks.  Some makeup gurus have turned to the dark side when it comes to company product reviews or constantly plugs a pay-per-link service.  But these makeup artists stayed true to their intentions.

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I'm kind of just started watching makeup videos so I don't have many. Right now I would say NitraaB. She's the only one I watch regularly. I mostly watch hair videos and etc.

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Adore: http://www.youtube.com/user/kandeejohnson


I'm really liking: http://www.youtube.com/sccastaneda


I'm going to start doing Gwen Stefani/Harajuku Girls tutorials soon for my No Doubt website: http://www.everythingintime.com wink.gif I hope they turn out well!

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My top 5 favourite YT makeup gurus :)


  • frmheadtotoe
  • bubzbeauty
  • meowyuanw
  • xteeener
  • DivaMakeupQueen
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I have a girl crush on blushingpixie. She does the odd tutorial (lord knows I've copied that NARS Schiap one multiple times!) but she does great product reviews, hauls & OOTD.

It also helps that she's gorgeous and her delivery is very soothing - no Val Speak, clear diction, and she gets to the point without rambling.
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Dazzling denver
Gregory gorgeous
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1. Theglamourdayz

2. Saturdaynightsalrite

3. nguerrero19 (sp?)

4. shaaanxo

5. ciaoobelllaxo

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1. Misschievous 

2. Bubzbeauty

3. Gossmakeupartist 

4. Beautycrush

5. Emilynoel83

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Originally Posted by Makeup<3er View Post

Hey guys!!!
Okay so I thought it would be fun to share your favorite makeup gurus.

YouTube - ARose186's Channel
YouTube - amarixe's Channel
YouTube - JLovesMac1's Channel
YouTube - juicystar07's Channel
YouTube - AllThatGlitters21's Channel

What about you?


I just started a makeup channel :) these girls inspired me! Maybe you guys can check it out & give me feedback!!! LOL my link is http://www.youtube.com/nellyslookbook ! I am trying to upload great content :D

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I'm just going to list the only ones I care to watch anymore even though it's more than 5 because they're all fantastic:


Casey Holmes



Tess Christine


Arden Rose



Nicole Guerriero




Melissa Raymond


and my favorite YouTuber of all time: DailyGrace (who is now on a brand new Bobbi Brown beauty channel: "I love makeup.")

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1. Emily Eddington (emilynoel83)

2. Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist)

3. Allison Anderson (amarixe)

4. makeupbyAlli

5. Shannon Harris (shaaanxo)

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Originally Posted by Jinjer View Post

michelle phan


Thank you for sharing the first two YouTubers. I have always had a hard time finding good, consistency makeup videos from women of color (esp. darker tones). I browsed through and found some cool tutorials!

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The only one I watch is Lisa Eldridge. She's just amazing.. and I adore her vintage makeup history "lessons". 

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1.) gossmakeupartist- (Wayne Goss)


2.) emilynoel83- (Emily E.)


3) essiebutton- (Estee)


4.) Makeupgeek (Marlena)


5) Pink Sith (Elvira)

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Oops,  just realized the last one mentioned (Pink Sith) is a blogger, not a Youtuber

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Raeview, cristinamadara, Seth, busybuzzbee Jen, and lisasz09 mainly because I like their style and they have the same facial color as mine so it's easier for me to troubleshoot what could possible look good on me too
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Macbarbie07, missglamorazzi, C0OK1EMONSTER, xxbeautyiscoolxx, and MakeupByMandy24. I like the younger gurus because I am a teenager and I feel like they have looks and styles that I like smile.gif
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