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Bella terra cosmetics??

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I went makeup shopping today at a wholesale event for high end products (any of you in Houston-leave a message and I can hook you up with the place to go to for discount high-end cosmetics).They had some BellaTerra Mineral powders. The makeup artist was saying how they are great for people with sensitive eyes or skin. She showed me how well they work with water since they have limited junk igredients in them. It was AMAZING and the colors were so pigmented and shimmery. They also can be for blush, eyeliner, and nail polish when paired with the right medium. The only thing is they didn't last long without a primer. I bought about 10 jars and was wondering if any of you out there know about the line?
Thanks for the info!!!!
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re: Bella terra cosmetics??

The thing you describe is pretty much common in mineral makeup and I think I've seen that brand mentioned here somewhere. Since you seem to be enthralled by the multi-use powders, I'd suggest you to glance at TKB Trading, The Conservatorie or Coastal Scents webstores too. You'll be shocked how affordable those things really are
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by chance do you know anyone (indiviual) who sells Bella Terra make up?  Thanks

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Hi this is a response from Bella Terra.  We're glad you like our products!  Please check out our website at *edited by mod* (And, while you're there, don't forget to "like" us on Facebook for special offers and promotions)  Otherwise, we have independent distributors all over the country - where are you located?

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I know someone!!  My name is Gerardo Perez, I live in Houston, TX  and I am an Authorized Independent Agent for Bella Terra....   If you need assistance on the use of the cosmetics, or if you need to purchase items, please email me at *edited by mod.*  Great prices guaranteed!!!

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Sure!! I am a Bella Terra Independent Distributor in Houston, how may I help you?
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Where can I get Bella Terra in the Houston/Sugarland area - Texas?


I have a friend that got it in the Galleria but I was hoping that I could find it closer to Sugar Land.



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This is a heavily moderated website.  Please respect MakeupTalk's Rules and Regulations and avoid posting links/emails/facebook accounts etc.


We appreciate all the open communication about the company, its products and their services... but direct links to independent distributors, company Facebook Accounts, etc., is prohibited.


Thank you.



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I purchased Bella Terra foundation, moisturizer and a lip color at the kiosk in the Galleria and am quite happy with the product. However the sales person was less than trust worthy. She acted as though she was giving me one product free or at a deeply discounted price because I got another one at the regular price. I will probably continue to use the product particularly the foundation but I will not support that kiosk (#121 in the Galleria) again. Such tactics do a great disservice to a good product.

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i would like to know wher are you located, im interested on buying the product.


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Hi there


I would like to know where i can find bella terra make in cape town south africa. ill be going there this coming week and would like to buy there before i come back to the northen cape which is very far from cape town. i know there are branches in johannesburg.


hope to hear from you soon.


thank you.



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I dont know about that brand. I dont think its here in Australia. I hope its not like those Bella Pierre people though.

I have been reading this site for years (but only started posting last month). Something i've really noticed is that new people come on here and talk about Mica Bella and Bella Pierre, say how great it is and never return.


If this is legit, thats great. When you find a great brand you love, stick with it.


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next time if you gonna buy some products the minimum prices are

foundation 39.99
blush 34.99
bronze 29.99
eye shadows 9.99
foundation and bronze brush 19.99
eye shawdos and eyeliner brush 12.99
eye serum 79.99
exfoliation gel 35.00
9 stack shimmers 45.00

trust me, or if you want next time go to the computer kiosk and looks in the middle of the screen, you gonna see a bunch of numbers over the products the final four numbers are the lowest prices!!!

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i am also in houston and have some experience with bellaterra. there are MUCH better options out there! 

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i am also in houston and have some experience with bellaterra. there are MUCH better options out there! 

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Personally i don't trust anything that needs independent sales people (just a personal opinion) - but can't you buy Bella Terra on their actual website??  

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Hi, I am in the Woodlands area, outside of Houston, and just ran out of my Bare Minerals. I tried my friends Bella Terra makeup and fell is love, but it is so expensive at the mall. Is it cheaper buying it through a person? If so, can I get some prices.

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I don't get why people are willing to pay so much for basically mica when there are so many independent companies out there that make similar shades for so much less.

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Buy direct from China. It's really basic crap that they hike up the prices on and call it "mineral" and "good for your skin."


Or buy something pressed and less messy. Easier to travel, longer staying power.

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Hi Do you know where can I get Bella Terra in the San Diego area ? thanks

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Haven't heard of them but I am loyal to Fyrinnae who has amazing mineral products, especially shadows. You can google them and find their site.

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I love Fyrinnae shadows along with Glamour Doll Eyes.

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I sell Bella Terra cosmetics. It is a great product, not only do I sell it, but I buy it as well. I love this make up!

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Is there in Bella Terra agents in South Africa???



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Few days ago I bought shimmers form Bella Terra and I absolutly fall in love with them. They last all day without fading. My eyes are sensitive and this didnt bother me at all. Really worth its price. I am already planning to buy their other products. I heard that their mineral make up is fabulous. I have to try it and then let you know.

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i like Bella Terra's Mineral Foundation.This foundation provides sheer, micro-fine finish that allows skin to shine.

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where do you recommend in houston?

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Check Bella Terra's site for locations in Houston.

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I just tried this product and I really liked it. I am thinking about selling this to. Bit I like to hear more reviews on it. Please pm me if any has any info on it

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Every three months or so for the past year, Bella Terra's PR contacts me somewhere and asks me to pick out a bunch of products for them to send to me and use in tutorials, and then they stop talking to me. Just got another one of those messages today, and I was Googling (..is that a word? Can google be a verb?) to see if they do that to anyone else I'm familiar with. I think it's kind of funny.  I obviously can't accept any products from them because of my Glamour Doll sponsorship (which started last month, yay!) but I'm gonna play along like I do every time and see how long it takes them to forget about me again and when they'll start haunting me again.

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