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How to get a bigger butt & hips?

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Ok, I'm flat with no hips. This is something that I have always just "dealt" with and figured there was just nothing I could do about it. Winter is approaching and I SO hate the way I look in jeans. I look like my butt just slid down the back of my legs. I'm SO tired of my jeans just smacking me or flapping in the wind because of my lack of butt. I was looking on Utube and found some really good exercises that I'm going to start doing to help strengthen my glutes. Anyone else have any tips or ideas?? I'm open for suggestions!! I'm not trying to be gigantic just have a lil hump or two. Thanks!! Candy

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Silicone!!!  lol 

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you can make your butt a little bigger and perkier by doing TONS of squats, lunges etc., with dumbbells. Make sure to have enough protein in your diet to help build muscle mass.

The size of your hips is due to bone structure and fat distribution, and a lot of times a woman´s hips are wider after pregnancy. I don´t think exercise can do anything to make your hips wider, gaining weight could do that though (but then again, you never know where the fat´s gonna go)


We can gain weight or lose weight, but certain aspects of our bodyshape are genetically determined and very hard to change. I hope you get the results you´re looking for (plus, there´s always those butt pads. I have a big enough butt, but I always wanted to try those lol)

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I'll lend you a pair of mine, Andi!! 

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Originally Posted by Karren View Post

I'll lend you a pair of mine, Andi!! 

haha, yes please, I´d love to try them. Do they work? I´m one of those people who think Kim Kardashian has an awesome ass, so maybe I could look like her Austrian cousin?

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They work great!  I have nothing down there and bought a lightly padded pantie girdle off ebay...   Then I made an even better pair of my own, custome fit using high density foam rubber..  Now you can get silicone pads for hip and rear...  High Tech!!  lol

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Try those new Reebok sneakers that claim to firm and tone your butt. Also do squats and lunges. You can also give the illusion of a fuller hip by wearing clothes that show off your waistline. It gives an hourglass illusion. Levi's also has those new jeans that give all butts a lift.

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First I would do some lunges, front & side, side will help expand your hips. TONS of squats, full, frog & pile. Leg raises, fire hydrants,donkey kicks & dead lifts also work really good. The key is you need to work your butt muscles. I don't know what your waist size is but having a smaller waist will make you look like you have wider hips or an hourglass shape. I also take Maca & Aguaje which are both natural. My Peruvian mami's got my hooked on those! Aguaje will help you gain curves and it's a fruit that is grown in Peru. 


There is also a girl out there that has really changed her body over the years & I use alot of her workouts & tips. She used to have videos on the tube but now she has a blog that I keep up with http://workthatbody.wordpress.com & yes that is really her, nothing is photo shopped & that's what I like about her, she's real. Do note it has taken her I think 3 or 4 years for her to get to where she is just so you know. Unfortnately there aren't any magic pills that will poof give you a bigger butt, so you do have to put in some work. Since taking the Aguaje I would have to say grown almost 2 inches plus it really helps balance my hormones. My cycles were so out of wack.. well that's a whole different topic. Work it out & good luck!

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Jam!! or maybe its the genes in me! i find that my booty gets bigger when i eat jam alot.! my friend and sis tried it and they did see results!

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Originally Posted by Doya G View Post

Jam!! or maybe its the genes in me! i find that my booty gets bigger when i eat jam alot.! my friend and sis tried it and they did see results!

Jam as in like "jelly"? I have never heard of that. Are you eating it plain on or toast or something? LOL

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According to the Bahamians, "eat plenty peas and rice and sit around as much as you can" until you start to grow. Then you can tone your new ASSets up, lol!


As far as the hips, I think if you toned up your midsection, your hips should look bigger by comparison. I remember reading that in the US women carry ALOT of weight around their bellies.

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Originally Posted by leighlee View Post

Jam as in like "jelly"? I have never heard of that. Are you eating it plain on or toast or something? LOL

normal jam. and yea, put some over toast and eat it. it does really work. try it!

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Great question for ME to answer. I am a size 00 in jeans, I'm superskinny "" I don't have a flat butt but I know how to make it more booylicious. lol. By experience, eating fried chicken, I swear and I'm not joking, gives me a bigger booty. Someone's probably going to laugh at me for saying this, lol, but I'm DEAD serious and along with that this exercise I do where I do one leg at a time and lift it behind me and do 34 reps on each leg a day. You can do it on the floor, or putting both hands on your bathroom counter top for example and left one leg, like your right leg, do 35 reps ( don't burn yourself out ) of lifted, like 1, 2, 3, and don't be lazy about it. You will feel tension in your stomach and your other leg on the floor will get real tight and muscular with continued exercise. This is it. Just chicken n' my little booty exercise, it totally works. No joke. By experiece. Hope this helps. biggrin.gif

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hmmm.... now you have me craving some fried chicken!! LOL

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I have a pretty decent butt and hips and thighs. Sometimes I don't like the hips and thighs part as much because to me, they could be smaller and more toned. With that said, I tried the Brazil Butt Lift by Beach body, its like a 6 week plan or something to lift and tone and get a butt. I have to say that it was really hard to keep up with because all the exercises are pretty extreme if you are a beginner. These are the same people who make p90x and I've seen my bf do that program and it is crazy. I did it for about 2 weeks and felt results but I couldn't keep up with it. I wish I would have, maybe I would be sculpted by now lol.

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I did some squats last week.  Could barely walk the next day! 

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Hi all! Well thank you so much for all the suggestions. Sorry I haven't gotten back here in a while. Someone broken into my place and store my laptop among other things.  I have been working out quite a bit lately, really trying to build up my legs. And ton, and tons, and TONS of squats!! They're not my favorite because of a old knee injury but I'm getting used to them. One thing however that I feel is helping is the Aguaje. It's really a nice product. I've noticed that I'm starting to form a little hips, and my butt is a little perkier. I know things don't just happen overnight but I'm going to try and stick with this for a little while. One of my co-workers who is "Male" and is from Peru says he grew up eating this fruit. He is also a transsexual and has the most flawless, beautiful skin! He is prettier than a lot of the women in our office! LoL. But he says growing up they ate the fruit all the time over there so growing up he always had very feminine features. He also has a awesome shape!! And this was all done without the use of hormones or surgery. Wow! I guess you learn something new everyday!

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 There are many different exercises that could help you get you but bigger. First off you would need to build muscle in that area so you would need to have a good amount of protein intake on daily bases. Multiply you weight by 1.5 the answer would be the amount of protein you need daily. Now i would stress the protein that much, the right amount of protein intake has been a theory in the fitness world since ever. so i would say just try to have at least 50g of protein on daily bases. The next step is to exercise there are two type of exercises that would help you the most Squats and kick backs. You can search squats on google there are so many different type of squats. Also bodybuilding.com super store has many helpful exercises that you could type out.


Chuck Rmih
Avon Sales Representative
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

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I'm just starting the same type of thing. but with another recommendation called maca root pills. its pills that are supposed to balance your hormones, and for many people these vitamins/herbs made them a full cup size fuller in the breasts, and a difference in their butt/hips. i just ordered maca, its like less than 15 dollars and you can chose from a huge variety of brands in any gnc, or local supplement store which is cool!! go to blackhairmedia.com, forum section, click body types and open the thread for the maca root users, theres HUNDREDS of posts with many many manyyyyyy success stories from maca root. Agujae (spelling?) is also in that forum, atleast 30 girls there tried that to, a lot were successful, but the biggest progress on that entire forum was with the maca root. i guess in most women there hormones arent balanced, and maca balances.restores hormones and my understanding is that with the hormones in you restored (kind of like puberty full of hormones and u get boobs).. its some of the most interesting things i read, girls have measurements written in the forum and specific photos and everythin to back up there success.....its just a natural way of helping i guess.. theres TONS of things on that forum that will give advice for what u need to do for a bigger butt and people keep updates. wish me luck im startin my journey soon to.

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I do not think getting any pills can do big different and we do no know the after effects of getting those pills. I think it's better to do some exercise.

 I came across this report today - http://www.fastmr.com/prod/283965_bayer_healthcare_ag_market_share_analysis.aspx

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Pilates made my butt look way better/bigger.

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I luv luv maca and aguaje, it has really transformed my body. I feel so much better about how I look and it has really boosted my confidence. I never thought I could have a shape as I was a true banana, no wait, RULER! But now I have a little shape, some hips and butt. Still not much in the boob area but I'm cool with that. It's funny how just a little bit of curves can make you feel so damn sexy! LOL

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There is no exercise to make your hips larger. You can have little more fatty meals. You can change your food discussing with a doctor. But it may effect bad. You may got fat. There may no solution as ti is no problem just body structure.

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Originally Posted by aymanbinmoshi View Post

There is no exercise to make your hips larger. You can have little more fatty meals. You can change your food discussing with a doctor. But it may effect bad. You may got fat. There may no solution as ti is no problem just body structure.

Hip abductor machine and clamshells has become my best friend. Both of those have made my hips larger for sure.

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I'd gladly donate some of my butt to those who would like a larger one if I could...LOL.


I think that doing lots of squats/lunges is a great idea - they will build muscle and give your rear a firm, round shape. I used to have a Crunch workout video called Brand New Butt that was awesome!

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Botcho cream, maca powder and aguaje helped me get the booty and body I wanted!!!

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I worked my butt off for getting one!!! icon_lol.gif Yep, I made squats, kickbacks, the whole routine day after day and my flat friend started to be more visible. Took me a while and good pain and sweat, but now it follows me everywhere I go icon_wink.gif rounded and nice looking. I also made a good plan of what to eat when to eat it and what to avoid. I even spent some good money in Femimore intense for increasing the results (which I am glad to report it did nicely) But the main formula? If you want a great butt...work your butt off at the gym! smilehappyyes.gif

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acually she has a big butt like most famous chicks because of surgery getting butt implants like boob implants so acualy their butts arent naturally that big or nice looking they are fake

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I sorta have a big butt. But I eat peanut butter to help make it bigger. You can try it to see if it works for you.
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