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hi girls!

What kind of jewelry do you prefer to wear? 




or Gold?

well who would not want to wear diamond ;)

so its out of question :D

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I like mine  3-Stone Diamond White Gold Pendant very much,i often wear it when i wearing dress.Perfect match.

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I usually like silver, sometimes gold. But I usually wear fun jewelry like mini cake necklaces and cookie bracelets.

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I usually want to wear Gold jewelry.

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I do like all kind of jewelry until it is beautiful, stylish and, probably, even entertaining.

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I always like to wear gold jewelry .I like gold key and gold necklace so much.
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i like simple but fashion design jewelry

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Usually I wear artificial jewellery as artificial can be purchased in bulk. I prefer to purchase artificial jewellery because I like jewellery which is matched with my outfit. For all types of outfits I have elegant jewellery.

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Actually! i like all king of jewelry but the thing is it's very stylish and good.

Perls jewelry is one of my favorite.

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I love to wear handcrafted and trendy jewelry and of course gold and silver fantasy too :)

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When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it simple. I usually just have regular CZ studs in my lobes, and then I have basic stuff in my other ear piercings (barbells and rings). I wear 2 necklaces all the time, both crosses (though different types) -- one is silver and one is gold. And that's pretty much it.

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I wear mostly silver-toned jewelry and pieces that are simply or classic. Tiffany silver is goregous, and I also love white gold and diamonds ;-)

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In my early twenties, I loved silver/white gold. Now, I don't mind either white or yellow gold jewelry. I like very simple or classic jewelry. I wear studs and a simple single stone pendant necklace everyday. (Jewelry I got from my engagement from moms (both side) that'll likely be passed down)
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I like items that are simple and classic. Nothing too flashy. I love white gold, especially for necklaces (no yellow gold for necklaces for me). In terms of bracelets, I like white or rose gold. I also like crystal (i.e. Swarovski necklaces) very much.

I usually just wear my diamond engagement ring and simple white gold necklace with a pendant and a stone in the middle.

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I always prefer jewelry online from gerald online.com

i used to wear diamond most. because i love diamond so much. but there is also place for platinum as well gold...tongue.gif

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