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Michelle Keegan (specifically, her character Tina.) I think she's prettier when she looks casual, and I like her style & personality. Plus, she makes me feel better about being a bit short and sticky-outy eared, lol. Also Little Boots/Victoria Hesketh: great musician, seems down-to-earth & friendly, and beautiful without being uber tall/skinny/toned. Oh, and not really a girl crush, but Kerli Kõiv is making me want a labret piercing. xD

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debby harry wub.gif








also... sally jupiter. yes, i know.. she's not a real person. but still.. she's the coolest female superhero out there!



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Pammy Anderson was my first! :)


Now... drew barrymore!

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drew barrymore rules!!

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Kate Hudson... I love her new Almay ads on tv and she maintains an golden good girl reputation throughout her career as well as always dressing with a flirty elegance. Drew Barymore is definitely my close second also. :)

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Recently, Lisa Vanderpump, Rachel Bilson (the Behind the Scenes @ Chanel Resort she did for one of the Canadian fashion mags here was adorable!), and Thandie Newton.
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Zooey Deschanel, Christina Ricci, aaand Leighton Meester

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If Meagan  Fox is proven to be a girl, I'd love her. Along with Jessica Alba. Other might include Anna Hathaway. I am a fan of these women and they really amaze me with their looks.

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Amber Heard! 

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Miranda KerrMiranda-Kerr-For-2009-Vict.jpg

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Miranda Kerr - beautiful AND smart!

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+1 for Jessica Alba =)

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Mine are Lauren Conrad and Dianna Agron from Glee


Before it was Brittany Murphy may she RIP

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Scarlett Johannsen
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I think Olivia Wilde and Kristin Kreuk are absolutely stunning--Kristin is one of the few actresses that looks good even without makeup :)

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After watching 500 days of summer and new girl my new favorite is Zooey Deschanel.
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Milla Jovovich. She totally kicks ass.

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To many to name......

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Hayley Williams                                          Emma stone                                                          Avril Lavigne

 tumblr_lfiknjgA2Z1qfj28ro1_500.jpg emma_stone_photoshoot_006.jpgavril-lavigne-sexy-black-mini-skirt.jpg

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My two long-time girl crushes are Eva Mendez and Michelle Rodriguez.

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Eva Mendez and Beyonce for sure! ;-)

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Britney spears i love her and her music she's so cutee :)

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brooke burke and rachel mcadams.... no homo. :)

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Ginnifer Goodwin. I don't know why, but something about her always make me smile whenever she's on TV.

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Well my girl crush is def Zooey Deschanel, gorgeous girl!!

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Miranda Kerr, Kim K, Marilyn Monroe, Victoria Beckham 

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Lena Katina                                                                                                                             


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Emily Procter



Eva Mendes



and Coco


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