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Some Airbrushing Questions..

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I am fairly new to airbrushing..Have been using it around 3 months.  I am not a make-up artist, just a make-up lover.  I purchased the DinAir compressor and makeup, and am very pleased with it, but wanted to try different makeup with the compressor. 


The two that I purchased which I did not have any trouble with are GlamAire (which I love) and Camera Ready Cosmetics brand foundation.


However, I also purchased Temptu S/B foundation + blush/highlighter set and Kett Hydro set.  The problem with these is I can not get them to come out of my DinAir airbrush properly.  They clog it up, and spray in huge dots instead of tiny ones. 


I understand that DinAir foundation is water based and so is GlamAire and CRC.  They flow through very easily.  I thought Kett Hydro (hence the name) was water based too.  I was under the impression any airbrush makeup would flow through any airbrush gun.  I have tried to loosen the little nut and pull the needle out some, but then it came out way too fast. 


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!!biggrin.gif

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Hello - Kett Hydro definitely doesn't work in the Dinair. You have to be really careful unfortunately because sometimes companies add different additives which affect the drying time of the makeup or how long it lasts. It isn't always tested in their competitors' airbrush makeup systems!


I'm assuming you've fully cleaned the airbrush gun? Do you have the Dinair docking jar?

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I love Dinair! I have been using their makeup for a really long time now and it is great. I tried using different makeup in the very beginning and it clogged the airbrush and i had to actually send in my airbrush to be cleaned. So i learned my lesson. I love their makeup for sure! It covers up all my imperfections. It's wonderful!

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