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Originally Posted by patricia716 View Post

I do the same thing and i works for me and i love my blistexs :)


Originally Posted by aliana View Post

After I wash my teeth I use the toothbrush on my lips and gently scrub for a few seconds. And I use Blistex conditioning lip balm when needed. That's all and I works great for me!


I will most definitely have to try to tooth brush thing. It sounds like it would do the job. Really quick and easy. 


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I also do the brown sugar and olive oil scrub as I also get very dry lips.


I use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Protectant cream. This stuff is amazing for the lips. Slather this on at night and I wake up with soft moisturised lips. Also this stuff has so many other uses. I always carry one about with me..

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Originally Posted by mebs786 View Post

I also do the brown sugar and olive oil scrub as I also get very dry lips.



is this an everyday type of thing or here and there as needed?

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I always use the moisturizer at night.
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I  can't remember if Carmex is one of the balms with chopped plexiglass or not.. I love their squeeze tube though.

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Putting a bit of vaseline on a towel (or a tooth brush) and rubbing them slightly gets rid of dead skin :)

And i apply vaseline before bed every night, and every morning and throughout the day, just a lip balm :)

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I do the same thing - sugar and olive oil scrub.  I also brush my lips everytime I brush my teeth.  During the day, I apply Chap Stick Ultra with spf 30.  At night, I use Vaseline

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I mix sugar and honey to scrub my lips or sometimes my toothbrush once or twice a week and then I follow with a good lip balm such as Badger Sweet Orange Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. I love Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balms and they have many different scents/flavors with no nasty taste or residue. And then I try to drink lots of water to avoid getting dehydrated lips/body. 

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I "scrub"my lips with a toothbrush :D

I just rub it gently over my lips, just to get the blood pumping and make them smooth and soft.

After that and during the day I use Vaseline lip jar in rose or cacao butter.

Really inexpensive and effective

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so i just left the coconut oil thread. What about using coconut oil on lips? I dont know it its the right texture to do much moisturizing long term... any one ever tried it?


I have probably my only bad habit, which is biting my lips. When i'm irritated, stressed, after i eat anything sugary... really just all the time. so my lips are dry, and that makes me pester them more of course. I should try some of these scrubs. Luckily my lips heal well over night when they are left alone but i'll try some of these. Going on a trip in a month so see a special someone, would be a good thing i think :p

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I used to wear Carmex, Loccitane, Body Shop, Blistex, Mario Badescu, Decleor (plus exfoliating my lip, too). Never has chapped lips in my life. Carmex is the best and the cheapest. But as it has sacylic acid, I gotta say bye to it since I'm pregnant. Now I'm using home made lip balm (beewax+olive oil+honey+vitamin E). Super good and 100% natural. And I think in terms of cost, this is truly the cheapest ^^
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when i'm super dry i lather vaseline all over my lips and face, i'd use it as a mask for a few hours then wash it off.


for daily care i use Rescue balm (Smells petrifying but works a miracle) or loccitane's shea butter


i'm looking to try some lipscrub though!

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I scrub it when it brush my teeth and I apply Chap Stick Ultra during the day and Vaseline at night.

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i used to use burt's bees chapstick and i used to swear by it, but it turned out like carmex where you need to constantly reapply to not feel dry.  i now swear by MAC's lip conditioner.  i have it in the pot form and the twist up lipstick tube type.  i no longer feel like i need to reapply, i just reapply because i love the smell and feel of it.  i can apply it early and my lips still feel very moisturized many hours later.  i haven't had any dry or cracked lips since i started using MAC's lip conditioner.  i started out with just the lip conditioner in the pot and my husband liked it so well that i bought him the version in the l/s tube type.  however, he thinks the lip conditioner looks too girly so he will only use it at home! lol  he must drink much more water than i do b/c his lips are never dry or chapped and he rarely uses anything on them!  us girls go through a lot more with all the drying lipsticks and products that we use, so i think lip moisturizing is more important to us women.

I also use the Body Shop's lip scrub.  it's basically a lip conditioner with micro-scrubbie things in it.  if feels wonderful and minty!  takes all dry skin right off.  sometimes after i moisturize after my shower, i apply the lip scrub and leave it on, rubbing my lips together off and on, and then clean it off when it's time to apply lipstick or gloss. i've heard of the sugar lip scrub, but have never needed to go that far. what i mentioned that i use is all i've ever done for lip exfoliation and it's worked like a charm!

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Dip a Q-tip or cotton pad into olive oil, gentlly rub into your lips. Do this everyday, it works amazing


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I mix up my own sugar scrub with certain fresh juices, a special sugar which is nearly black and high in natural acids and minerals, a blend of different natural oils, and a number of other ingredients. It can be used on the body, gently on the face, and the lips. Great for rough, dry hands too, as we've been discovering. And it doesn't leave you feeling greasy. Just exfoliated and soft with no need for body cream. But I won't post all the ingredients as this is one of the products I will be selling in the future. Still getting additional feedback on it from people.

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