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Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation- All Shades

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Hey Ladies!  Although this foundation isn't really working for me, I thought you all might want to see all the different shades available.  There are 18 different shades in 3 categories.


Here are the light shades: 135, 130, 125, 120, 115, 110 (left to right)



And the medium shades: 245, 235, 230, 225, 220, 210



And finally, the dark shades: 355, 350, 325, 320, 315, 310



I found Maybelline's Fit Me foundation to be a bit sticky going on, and after a few hours it seemed really oily.  However, it does have SPF 18, so that's definitely a positive!  Anyway, I hope these swatches help if you are looking to try out this new foundation!

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Thank you for the swatches!!!!! I've heard alot of good things about the FIT Foundation thumbsup2.gif

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Thank you!! I've never tried Maybelline foundations, and from your mini review, I don't think I'd be trying these either.  Me and anything turning oily is a disaster!

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I have this (shade 115) and I don't think I'm a fan either.  I'm not sure I've tested it out enough, but I find it to be oily as well (I have an oily skin problem though...lol). 


Thank you for all the swatches!  :)

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I've been really tempted to try this, especially as it's so inexpensive (I saw it for only $9.99 at London Drugs, that's pretty cheap for Canada!) but I have combination skin and this sounds like just the thing to send it tipping the scales towards oily, so I'm apprehensive!

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Thank you so much for the swatches!! These are great! 

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I'm paler than you are.. so I don't think any of these colors will fit me :(.

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The swatches are nice but I've tried this foundation and I hated it. The make-up made me waaayyy too oily and the foundation didn't last to long on my skin even with a primer like Benefit Pore-Fessional.

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Wow   even with Benefit Pore-Fessional the Fit Me powder doesn't perform frown.gif... that must be terrible stuff ... thanks for the info .... was thinking of trying it.... glad I didn't .... I usually stick to Benefit Hello Flawless powder foundation.... I think it's the best I use it with the Benefit Pore-Fessional ... awsome products!.... but I was thinking about trying the "Fit Me" for a more everyday at home type of less expensive product.... but after reading this .... glad I didn't...sure woulda been mad if I wasted money on something that doesn't even work .... Thanks again! wink3.gif

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I meant to say Fit Me Foundation.... just to clarify ... ooops! rolleyes.gif

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Does Fit Me foundation has a pump? I saw some youtube videos and some of them have pumps, some of them don't. Thanks!

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Bought this and the powder and I HATE it. I used primer and the porefessional. HATEEEE it. I will never tell anyone to get this this lol 

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I hated the fit me foundation an powder. It wore horribly bad even with a good primer (and I tried 3 different ones' none of which helped it at all), plus even the lightest shades were too orange. I found the foundation oxidized horribly ( like it wasn't horribly bad when I first put it on, but after a little bit, I looked in a mirror and thought I looked like an oompa-loompa!..... Ok I'm exaggerating a little bit there. wink.gif but you get the point). I was not a fan of the texture of it. it's a little sticky and sorta heavy going on. The powder wasn't good either. I felt like it was chalky and sat in every fine line and pore on my face. I have fairly normal skin, not to oily, not too dry, and part way through the day, I felt like I had an oil slick on my nose.... I finally set it withe my makeup forever hd powder, and that helped a little, but I returned both the powder and the foundation. I will never buy anything from the fit me line again, it's gross.
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