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Would you shave your face?

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Would you shave your face? The reason I ask is I've talked to a lot of women who actually do. I never would have thought of shaving as an anti-aging step in my skin care routine. But..I guess it does have some pros. It would most definitely exfoliate. It would rid my face of this peach fuzz that cropped up overnight when I turned thirty. (gotta love aging) It wouldn't grow back darker or thicker as my bald derm informed me. He told me he would of been shaving his head everyday if that was true! It is a budget friendly alternative to dermaplaning. Skin turn over would be with in a shorter time. I know my hubs skin always looks fab right after he shaves. Just a thought. I might break out his Mach3. Thoughts?

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OK, I've talked about this subject more than one.


I had plastic surgery 10+ years ago, on my face. Since then, I now sprout a white goatee around my mouth. I use Retin A so I can't wax. So I tried shaving - and guess what: it works great!

I do not get darker hair - that is a huge myth. The hair continues to grow the colour it is - white.


Just a few words of advice:

Do a dry shave (no cream or soap). I used gel once and cut my lip.

Use a one or two blade disposable razor.

Dry shave only where the hairs are growing - takes about 30 seconds and I'm good for a month.


Hope that helps.

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I know exactly what you mean!! I have very fine peach fuzz. Granted, I know most women do...but good lord I have a lot. I also have super sensitive skin-so shaving seems like the only alternative. Waxing and creams would ruin my skin. I did buy this bendy wire contraption from QVC a while back. You roll it over your skin and it pulls the hair out! First: OUCH! Second: I had the worst ingrown hairs on my chin for about 3 months. They were lovely. Thanks for your input. I know my makeup will go on smoother and more flawless. Hmmm, aging! My mom never told me about this one=)

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Hair removal always seems so painful huh.

You could always try shaving a small patch of hair and see what you think.

I also think that the shaving does exfoliate the skin as well - I have more dry skin than hairs in the razor, by the time I'm finished.

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I use these to shape my brow and also shave my girlstach on the corners of my mouth.  These are meant for dry shaving.  I don't shave my whole face. 



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I don't, i pluck (or wax) whatever hair i don't want. The rest of my peach fuzz is so thin it's invisible unless you magnify a picture. It may be a myth, but i also think it helps protecting my skin against the elements, especially my cheeks that get red so easily.

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I think shaving eyebrows to shape is much more forgiving than plucking and waxing.  They grow back.  I had overplucked brow hairs in my years and I wish would grow back but they wont :(

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I've never tried shaving my face before. But I use a that little razor thing someone posted previously to shape my brows. or pluck my brows. for upper lip hair I'd either pluck or use an epistick

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I have been thinking about doing this for a while.  Not sure when I'll be brave enough to give it a try but I know many women do this and love it.


I do use an epicare (that bendy thing) and it works great. Of course there is an ouch factor since you are pulling several hairs from the root the same time but I dont think its that bad.  I'm prone to ingrown hairs so its really not the best option for me.

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EPICARE!! I how I LOATHE you. That's what I was describing in my post about the bendy contraption. Gave me the worst ingrown hairs. For months. I'd rather settle for my chin peach fuzz. Well, I put fear aside and did it. I shaved with a mach3. It was over in under a minute. I took care of the long peach fuzz that seemed to only look worse after my application of my mineral makeup. Looks good. Feels smooth. Makeup looks stellar. I guess, I will assume I've always had peach fuzz...well, I know I did. But as I got older into my early 30's it just appeared one day and made itself at home. And brought guests. A lot of guests. The mach3 is so far the best. Quick and Easy. No need to go back over and over again. Which I assume gave me the ingrown hairs. I did try the eyebrow shapers. (Not on my eyebrows..I've never groomed,plucked, or tweaked my brows. I love my eyebrows) They worked to an extent but was not the clean shave I was looking for. So, I guess for all of you out there wondering?? Can I? I believe I can. I did...and I didn't melt.

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I have shaved my upper lip a few times. I need to do it again!


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After reading a post (I think on here?) I tried it.
I have the finest of blonde baby hairs on my face and although you can't see them and nearly 100% of people on earth have it, it just irritates me.
I was nervous but it was fine! My makeup goes on smoother and I really do feel like my skin renewal has improved. I wondered why men getting better looking with age, hopefully this will work for me lol.

Once it grows back, it's exactly the same. Not thicker or darker.
An important point to make is to gently exfoliate your skin. to prevent any ingrown hairs.
A soft washcloth in the shower will do just fine.
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Originally Posted by divadoll View Post

I use these to shape my brow and also shave my girlstach on the corners of my mouth.  These are meant for dry shaving.  I don't shave my whole face. 



I used to use these too. They work awesome and have never caused me irritation.

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I don't think I will shave it

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It is totally depending upon the skin you have been shaving.

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Last week I tried Nair for the face.  Ended up with a goatee chemical burn.  Fortunately the bright redness and pain went away in a few days, but the skin was very hard.  After exfoliating a few times I was back to normal.  Never again! Bring back my razor and tweezers!

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I shave my face all the time. I don't do it like a guy has to, but I do, do it once a month at least & I believe it keeps fine lines away from the mouth area. Been doing it since I was a teen.
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I've been shaving my face for years and love it. I read somewhere that it was one of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe's beauty secrets or something like that for a smooth flawless face.

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You don't exfoliate your legs before you shave them right? And yet your legs are as smooth as silk after you shave them. Result: Shaving is exfoliating. That's why you have smooth legs and guys have smooth faces after we shave. And I know that we guys don't exfoliate our faces before we shave.


Also, adding a lubricant such as a shaving creme, gel, bar or oil, will not only keep your blades sharper longer, and make your skin feel smoother, it won't microscopically rip or tear your skin when you shave. This ripping/tearing happens when you dry shave, hence ingrowns might happen and your skin will feel dry and irritated. Also women's faces are 30% thinner than a guys face, so lubrication is more important to protect the skin while shaving, regardless of how small or large the area is. And remember to moisturize afterwards, I don't think women have a problem with this part, but guys need constant reminding to moisturize afterwards.

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I would never shave my face! as you'll end up having a stubble like men and it will only make your life worse off.   Trust me don't do it you will loose all your confidence if you will end up having a stubble.

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It's a total misconception that shaving makes your hair coarser or that it makes you hairier. Male hormones make men's beards coarse. If shaving makes you grow more hair, balding men who shave their heads would regrow hair. You can shave all you want, fine hair will stay fine. If your hair suddenly get coarse, it's because of a hormone imbalance and medical attention is required.
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I would never shave my face! as you'll end up having a stubble like men and it will only make your life worse off.   Trust me don't do it you will loose all your confidence if you will end up having a stubble.
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Ok, I'm so intrigued. Is the question on the table "How to deal with Facial Hair?" or "How to get smooth sexy skin?" I just finished a series of three DermaRoller treatments in an effort to get a grip on the acne scarring. $1,350 later, I'm definitely not above taking my husbands Gillette to my face if there's a chance I could get a better texture. Now, there's something to be said for the action of shaving stimulating the sebaceous glands too. All that lovely oil we spend the first thirty years fighting sure will come in handy later on. I'm not thirty yet but I'm holding out that my Crisco-like skin will get some kind of payoff for all that acne. 

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About two months ago I got very tired of the very light 'shadow' my girlstache was making when I would put foundation on. One night I decided to shave it off. I just grabbed my Gilette Venus and went at it. I did have to use a bit thicker, more hydrating lotion on it for a few nights but it grew back so slowly, a bunch of shades lighter, and thinner hairs! I still haven't had to go back in and shave again. I def. recommend shaving it at night though, when I shaved my sideburns area before I put my makeup on one day, I had a few shades lighter skin area where I had shaved. Something about shaving at night gives the skin time to regenerate skin cells or something. Or at least that's what I think!

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i personally never would. I tweeze that's it.

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Unfortunately I am one of those people who HAS to shave their face. I've been dry shaving my face since I was eleven. I can grow a pretty epic neck beard if I wanted but I don't really want to.. Anyway I'm finally able to go to the dr and fix the problem now. The hair will still continue to grow after the problem is taken care of. Tria laser is on my xmas list. *fingers crossed*

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Apparently this is very common practice in Japan and some say it's the reason Japanese women have such beautiful skin.  Google it and you'll find tons of articles on it.  Here's just one I thought was good:  http://www.styleblueprint.com/health-and-beauty/women-shave-face/




I would definitely try it.

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I have never tried shaving my face before.

Conditioner is actually really good. I use it all the time. Since I started I've not had the same chafing of my skin which I got before.

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I've never even thought of shaving my face. My sister shaved her arms (like from wrist to shoulder) maybe like 6 years ago and I'm pretty sure she regrets it. It's like her dirty little secret and if she doesn't shave after a week or so she has stubble. arm stubble is NOT cool, lol. She feels like she has to keep it up or her boyfriend will feel the stubble and think she's weird, lol. 

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no way in hell would I shave my face :S I'm prone to ingrown hairs and wouldn't want that on my face ever...

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after reading all the posts i think i might try it today. as i have gotten older the peach fuzz on my face have seemed to move from just around my ears to on my cheeks and chin. i do not like it.

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