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MAC Lipstick Dupe List

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M.A.C. Lipstick and Lipgloss Dupe Listmac-cosmetics-logo.jpg


  1. MAC Prrr Lipglass :::: L'Oreal ColourJuice in Mai Tai
  2. MAC Pervette lipstick :::: Jane HipLips in Pink Slip
  3. MAC Lipstick in Midimauve :::: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Smokey Rose
  4. MAC Viva Glam II lipstick :::: Jane Flipstick in Roseland, Maybelline Great Wear Lipstick in Flesh
  5. MAC O Lipstick :::: Jordana Bahama Bronze; Revlon Mulled Cider; Prestige Fudge Brownie Aromatherapy Lipgloss; Wet 'n Wild #769
  6. MAC Oak :::: Rimmel Femme Fatale
  7. MAC Oh Baby Lipglass :::: Milani Serendipity Gloss
  8. MAC Spice Liner :::: Wet n’ Wild #666 or #712 Liner
  9. MAC Dainty Cake Lipstick :::: NYC Firefly #306b
  10. MAC XS lipstick :::: Cosmetic Factory Extra lipstick, Wet 'n' Wild #506A lipstick
  11. MAC Twig lipstick :::: Avon Twig lipstick, Prestige VIP lipstick, Jane LipHuggers in Kind Of Carob;
  12. MAC VGV lipglass :::: Neutragena Dreamy lipgloss or Salley Hansen Diamon Lip Treatment in Royal Romance
  13. MAC Lovechild Lipglass :::: Rimmel Snog Lipgloss
  14. MAC Wuss lipstick :::: Avon Spice lipstick, Wet 'n' Wild #547A lipstick
  15. MAC Touch lipstick :::: Jane Browned Down Red lipstick, The Body Shop Vanilla lipstick
  16. MAC Russian Red lipstick :::: Sonia Kashuk lipstick in Geisha or Prestige Lipstick in Fatal Red
  17. MAC Underworld :::: Neutrogena in South Beach
  18. MAC Sequin lipstick :::: Almay Sequin one coat lipstick
  19. MAC Lipstick in O :::: Chanel Glossimer in Spark, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Copperglow Berry, Jordana Bahama Bronze
  20. MAC Strawberry Blonde :::: Victoria's Secret Love Bite
  21. MAC Modum lipstick :::: Almay Malt lipstick
  22. MAC Lustreglass in Star Nova :::: Sonia Kashuk Sexy lipgloss
  23. MAC Plum Liner :::: Revlon Colorstay Plum liner
  24. MAC Lipliner Whirl :::: Rimmel Darling Nude
  25. MAC Odyssey lipstick :::: Bonne Bell LipGear in Berry Bash
  26. MAC Retro lipstick :::: Jane Lipstick in Browned Down Red
  27. MAC Lovechild lipglass :::: Rimmel Snog
  28. MAC Strength lipstick :::: Avon Brilliant Moisture Lipstick in Tiger's Eye
  29. MAC XS lipstick :::: Cosmetic Factory Extra lipstick, Wet 'n' Wild #506A lipstick
  30. MAC Lust Lipglass= L'Oreal ColuorJuice in Passionfruit Squeeze
  31. MAC High Tea Lipstick :::: Rimmel Airy Fairy, Milani Sheer Lipstick in Amaterro
  32. MAC Love Nectar lusterglass :::: Milani Coral Shimmer lipgloss
  33. MAC Lust lipstick :::: Maybelline Great Wear lipstick in Silver Lilac, Revlon Virtual Violet lipstick
  34. MAC Spirit lipstick :::: Cosmetic Factory Angel lipstick
  35. MAC Love Nectar Lusterglass= Milani Coral Shimmer Lipgloss
  36. MAC Rockocco lipstick :::: Milani Candy Apple lipstick
  37. MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in Viva Glam V :::: Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss in Dreamy, Milani Sher Lipstick in Pink Chiffon, Neutrogena Moistureshine Tinted Lip Balm in Clean #20


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Reija, girl, you put so much time and effort putting these lists together, THANK YOU!

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thanks for this!  very helpful!  Do you own both the MAC & dupes?  If so that's A LOT of lipsticks haha

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Rimmel's Airy Fairy is a fabulous color! Also try Lime Crime in Coquette for a pinky-nude without the shimmer. Rimmel is great, I just can't get over the taste.. eww lol
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Great list!  Thanks for putting it together

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Hi Babydolls,

I just wanted to let you all know that if you have a SAX 5th AVENUE OUTLET STORE near ya, to go there for AMAZING MAC products that are very hard to find!! I went there yesterday and got several of the SHADE STICKS for $10 each!! And they also have SEVERAL I MEAN SEVERAL of the lipglasses, lipsticks, and HARD TO FIND KITS ETC!! The girl working there even told Me that they have the Nikki Minaj ( I guess I spelled that right??) MATTE PINK LIPSTICK that EVERYONE WANTS for $10 and also alot of DISCONTINUED & SOLD OUT PRODUCTS!! I live in Linthicum Md and go to the one in Arundel Mills Mall, BUT I also know that in ALOT of the OUTLETS around they have makeup stores that carry them also. I hope that this helps!! LOVE & SMILES to ALL U DOLLS OUT THERE!! :)

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Essence soft nude lipstick is $1.50 to $2.50 and it's super close to MAC Blankety.

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What great research! Thanks for all the time and energy you put into this list. I, too, want to know if you have all of the lipsticks you listed?  I know some of the dupes that I share, I've received from other people and it's not something I have myself. 

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Does anybody knows what could be a good drugstore dupe for MAC Honeylove?


Oh, and I have a dupe for M.A.C. Rebel ---> WnW Silk Finish in Deep Wine # 522A


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Pics of the Honeylove color can be found on this blog: http://makemeunder.blogspot.com/2010/07/lip-swatches-mac-honeylove-viva-glam.html


It's a matte nude but off hand I don't know what would be a good dupe for it since I haven't seen Honeylove in person. Was it a limited item or is it still available?

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Thank you very much for the link, that's very sweet from you.


I honestly can't tell you how it looks in real life since I haven't seen it either, but I've seen a few pictures of it and I love how it looks. I think it's a hard one to dupe because it's matte, but I would love to at least find a color that looks like that one, it doesn't matter if it's not matte.


I found this blog that shows the color also:


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Hey Chicks,

Thank you SO MUCH for putting that list up there for all of us!! I was wondering if anyone would know of a dupe for the MAC PLAYBOY or PLAYMATE pink color lipstick that they had out years ago??

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I think it was the collection that was named "Playboy" but the lipsticks had other names if I'm not mistaken (which I could...)

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I love this! Thanks for putting it up :)

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I think that the NYX DOLL looks most similar to the Viva Glam Cyndi!!

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Wet n Wild 521A is a very close dupe to MAC Girl About Town

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Anyone know of a Dupe for Mac Bombshell? It was blogged about here today and now and between that and the encouragement I received today about my bright lip color I want to take the plunge.

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Hello all! I just want to share that Emily Noel, a makeup guru from YouTube, did a comparison of MAC's Angel and ELF's Classy Lipstick and they look very similar! Almost like the same shade when she applied it on her lips. 

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Originally Posted by dazzler View Post

Hello all! I just want to share that Emily Noel, a makeup guru from YouTube, did a comparison of MAC's Angel and ELF's Classy Lipstick and they look very similar! Almost like the same shade when she applied it on her lips. 

thank you to share, i like the list very much and its really nice and interesting list, keep it up

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Wow this thread is a lifesaver, definitely saving this for the future.

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A girl can really appreciate a makeup blogger. Thanks so much!

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Does anyone know of a dupe for MAC Beigeland?

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I can only imagine all the time and effort it took for this - thank you so much for this list!

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If anyone thinks of the perfect dupe for the Pro Matte Full Chocolate Lipstick, I'll love them forever. Christ it was so upsetting that the Pro shop still had it on display but didn't have anymore product. Such a tease!

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I found a dupe for Lovelorn from M.A.C; Avon ultra color rich lipstick in "Wink"

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Thanks to this, very helpful,
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Wow thank you for this! Much appreciated, saving this to try some out! Love Rimmel's Airy Fairy heart.gif

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This is an awesome list; I'm glad that it was bumped back up to the top of the board!


Rimmel lipsticks are my favorite, and they are a quality dupe for high-end brands.

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Thank you for this!
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