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Originally Posted by Amarah View Post

I have the same organiser but just in single and I love it, I put label stickers on each drawer so i can easily find where things are...I keep it in my bathroom and I use it to store the makeup that I mainly use at the moment plus I keep my older makeup in makeup bags and box.







Also in the organiser I have cut out some material that sticks to the plastic and I have put them in all of the drawers and on top of it so if anything spills it wont be so messy and I can easily replace it with another sheet. It also keeps things from shifting and moving.

I'm so glad you like it!!! I haven't heard any reviews so it's nice knowing it does work well for that purpose. Thanks for including the pics and suggestions as well smile.gif

Where did you buy yours from? I love the color

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I'm from Australia and I got it from Officeworks... Dont know if you have that store where you live.

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How I used to store my stuff (and what god awful organization this was):





How I store it now. :D Enjoy!



To note: the stuff on the keyboard pull out of the desk is stuff that I use and abuse of the most. The same goes for the lip products that are on the lipstick holder organizers. 


The clear 3-drawer units which are 6"x6"x6" if I'm not mistaken in size, they as well as the lipstick holders (24-count holders) can all be purchased at the Container Store. When I bought them the drawers were on sale for $8.99. Not sure how much they are now. 


Also to note: This is the majority of what I own but not all. Under the pull-out I have my nail polishes and makeup I want to either sell/discard in small green boxes, and I have a traincase that is currently only holding the brushes that I used when I used to do makeup on other people as a hobby. 

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Originally Posted by janetgriselle View Post

You guys are going to think I'm nuts, but for travel, I use one of my husband's old gun cases. It keeps all of my makeup safe and it's protected from the heat and shifting during car rides. Otherwise, everyday, it's all in a makeup bag in my bedroom. I don't have a lot of it.

Hee hee! If you fly, I bet that's fun to explain. :)

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Wow ladies YOU GOT MAKEUP!!!!!

Amazing organizations...its already gives me many ideas hehehe :D


Keep it up..all of you!! :)

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This is my updated make up storage. I have added new Muji plastic containers as I have ran out of space in my big dressing table. Here's the whole setup. Forgive me for the messiness in some of the drawers. I need to get organized. >.<































Thanks for looking. I  have a serious obsession with blushers / cheek products and I need to stop buying anymore blushers. Sorry for the messiness of my drawers, gotta pack them all up soon

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I <3 this post :) it makes me happy to see others stashes and as it ensures me I'm not alone XD

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that's why we are all in this community, coz we are all hooked to beauty products XD. I LOVE looking @ other people stashes too...

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Very impressive collections! It is really neat seeing everyone else's stashes :) I need to figure out better storage organization for my stash.

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I am absolutely in love with all this makeup.. it makes me feel like I should go and buy more products lol. 

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Originally Posted by rubyredmua View Post

I am absolutely in love with all this makeup.. it makes me feel like I should go and buy more products lol. 

Makeup porn is so inspirational lol wub.gif

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I finally updated my makeup collection + storage for 2013 :) here are some pictures~~ I had previously started using a big tackled box which slowly grew to this :) Most of the containers were from the dollar store, Wal-Mart, One's better Living as well as some reused/recycled beauty boxes/container. Enjoy :)





box 1box 2


box 3box 4



drawer 1drawer 2

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wow nice stash!

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   This is my current collection. I have it broken up by the order in which I do my makeup. Im using the Ikea Alex 9 drawer organizer. LOVE this thing!  http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50192822/ here's the link if you are interested. I first saw this through Amarixe's makeup collection and I knew this would be perfect for me! There is also another type, http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50167158/#/40196241 if you want one that is wider. Makeupbytiffanyd opted for this in her set up and it looks really good, but too big for me! you can check out both of their videos on youtube. the rest of the review is on my blog










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The Alex 9 looks so nice :) and your stash is pretty impressive too :) 

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O wow I'm so glad I saw this, I have a lot of makeup and I needed I ideas for how to store everything.
Now I know what I'm doing for the next 3 hours :-) ...
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Originally Posted by beautymadn3ss View Post

The Alex 9 looks so nice :) and your stash is pretty impressive too :) 

Thanks :)

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I love your BBW candle collection!! I have a pretty wild one going on myself these days smile.gif
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My Palettes.. waiting on my thebalm Nudetude to add to the bunchbiggrin.gif


Face Brushes and Mascara and extras in the birchbox in the back of my lippies


Eyes brushes and sample perfumes that i really liked and wear on the regular


Clean brushes drying under brush guard


Eye Shadows





Nail polishes Colored by bin Red bin Red(ish) colors etc etc

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This is how I store my main foundations and BB Creams. In the drawer, it's some of my blushes, lipsticks, and lip pencils. Still in the process of moving most of my makeup in drawers rather then having it displayed out in the open. Will update with my current organization when I finish :D

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I use Muji for all my acrylic cases and I LOVE it. They looks so beautiful and I love that I can see through them. They keep things organized for the most part.

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Originally Posted by Jwls750 View Post

I use Muji for all my acrylic cases and I LOVE it. They looks so beautiful and I love that I can see through them. They keep things organized for the most part.

same here. I do wish the drawers were a little bit bigger in length. I really wanted to place my blushes upwards rather than laying it flat. Other than that, I love it!

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Wow, this thread was so inspirational! I just reorganized everything. I repurposed a shelf that used to be in my son's nursery (he is almost 9!) and was in my daughter's closet holding 2 pairs of cleats.


I should have taken before pics. Suffice it to say that while it was somewhat well-organized for my purposes, it was all over the vanity surface.



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wow.. you guys definitely an an awesome collection.. i can't wait to post mine soon! :]

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Why is it that staring at photos or watching videos of other people's makeup makes me so happy?  I am forever keeping a list beside me of things I want to swatch, try out, possibly get, so they are bad enablers too!  But I can't stop! What an addiction!  I love it all!  Some lovely collections here with so much variety!  Here is my collection from  last year.  A few things have changed up and moved around, but for the most part it is the same.  I would love a vanity, but not sure what kind and what will fit in the spot, so haven't made any decisions towards that yet. Someday!  Keep the videos/photos coming.  Excellent eye candy!  I hope this worked!  



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Here's an idea from Koren. These are for bead storage. Unfortunately these not available at Joanns website. These are available at Amazon for under $6.50 each. Koren said a few things. It doesn't fit M•A•C lip glosses, it does fit jumbo pencils and it fits into an Ikea Helmer drawer.


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Whoa some of you girls have amazing collections! I love all the lippies on the first page of this thread. Here is my vanity table and my little makeup storage wheel. I also have a few tins I didn't take pictures of in a drawer. One of them has eye stuff in it (lines, pencils, mascara) the other has all my face products (concealer, powder), then I have a bag of makeup wipes, and some lip stains in an old cleaned out jam jar. 


I really love having my makeup vanity in my bedroom, somewhere nice and comfortable to get ready in the morning. In the flowered tin on the vanity are cotton pads, cotton balls, a pencil sharpener, and sponges. 





(Excuse the pic of me in the mirror, I'm leaning back and have no makeup on yet.) The white wheel spins and has all kinds of compartments. The gold cat is a ring holder. I put my rings on the tail while I put my makeup on. The little purple and white box is just Q-tips. 



This is the drawer of my vanity. It has one drawer in the middle. 

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Here's my makeup collection =]  It's looks quite small after looking at some of yours!


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Wow! Reading through these posts has really motivated me to get my makeup all organized. When I moved it got stuck here and there and has never really had a good place yet. I am going to start working on setting up some good storage so that all my makeup is more accessible for me to use. I love my makeup!


Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and your collections here. I see nobody has posted since February and I hope this thread continues.


On a side note, it is so nice to be able to see/connect with ladies that have the same makeup obsession and collections that I do. I used to follow a lot of the gurus on YouTube and I loved it when they would do makeup storage videos, but they get so many nasty comments (Hoarder, greedy, wasting money) that some of them don't do them at all anymore. It is so nice to see people post pictures of amazing collections and nobody is saying terrible things about it!

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I live in a dorm, so I don't really have great storage. My room for next year is a little bigger and has dresser drawers in addition to my closet, though, so I think I'll probably use one of the drawers for makeup storage and use the top of it as a vanity and lipstick storage space. So far, those little sets of plastic drawers form the container store have been my saviors.

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