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Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers - 2010

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Yes I'm posting about the 2010 line since the 2011 items should be hitting the market by the end of August or beginning of September. These items are from last year and I'm posting it because when the 2011 items come out I want to know if it's new stuff or the same stuff.





  1. Wicked Looks - retailed $4.99
    Included 1 Split Personallity Eyeshadow Duo 1 set of Eyelashes 1 Lipstick 1 Nail Color
    Four Wicked Looks: Vampire's Mistress, Vamp Vixen, Twilight Witch, Golden Goddess


  2. Bewitching Eyes - retailed $3.99. Six different pairs.


  3. Feather Fetish - retailed $4.99. Like Bewitching Eyes there were six sets.


  4. Vampira's Eyes - Retails 99 cents. Nothing special about these pencils since it's the same white and black that are currently sold.


  5. Hauntingly Kits - Retailed $5.99 Kit included 2 Applicators, 1 Glitter Creme Color Compact-9 Shades, 3 Piece Stencil Set,
    1 Black Eyeliner. HATED the stencil since it ripped easily. I told WnW that if they do these types of kits for Halloween 2011 the stencil should be rigid not flimsy and sticky. Oh and the creme colors that came in this kit were not exactly the same as the four Pretty Wicked compacts.


  6. Pretty Wicked - Retailed $3.99. I had three of the four but my daughter took one and I never could find the fourth palette (11319). These are very pretty in the palette but weren't very pigmented or easy to work with. I no longer have 11321 but I'd have to double check to see which one it was I'm now missing.

    11319 Show Stopper
    11321 Wild Thing


  7. Glam Ghoul - retailed $1.99. I LOVE these duos. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The red/black duo was called VAMP. I don't remember what the blue/green due was called and I never could find the third one which was a purple/silver duo. The colors are creamy and pigmented. LOVE how smooth these went on and how they blended easily. Alas, my youngest daughter took my duos.


  8. Ghoulish Glitz - retailed $2.99. There were three glitter eyeliners - purple, green and silver. I have the purple. I think I may still have the green but I never bought the white. These are FAR BETTER than some of the more high end versions and don't burn my eyes like my Sephora glitter liners. I never bought the glittler gel or the shimmer dust because those were sold out at ShopKo which was the only store in my area to carry the Ghoulish Glitz.




  1. Magic Gloss Retailed $1.99


  2. Kiss of Death Retails 99 cents. I still have this one... somewhere....


  3. Spell Bound No idea. There wasn't a page for it on the WnW site. I think they retailed for $1.99.



  1. Glitter gel - see Ghoulish Glitz above.
  2. Witch Craft. Retailed $1.99. These were fantastic cream sticks. Really pigmented. I melted the red one into my little clear pots. The biggest problem I had with these were simply that they were TOO pigmented and were a pain to remove.


  3. Shimmer Dust - See Ghoulish Glitz above.
  4. Wild & Wicked Tattoos - retailed $2.99. There were four different sets.




  1. Ghostly nails - retailed 99 cents. I have the "green" GITD. It glows but the bottle is TINY for 99 cents.


  2. Nail color - the orange and black polishes from the Fantasy Makers were and are sold among the regular line. Retails for 99 cents.



  1. Hauntingly Hip - see above
  2. Wicked Looks - see above
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So I went to look and it turns out I never had 11318 and it's 11320 that my daughter took. I only 11319 and 11321 left. I edited my post and added the names to those palettes. I returned the Hauntingly Hip kits because the stencils tore way too easily. Wish I kept them for the palettes.

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wow thanks so much for posting this! i want it now! i have big plans for holloween :)

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I've always loved WnWs Halloween stuff!

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Hopefully they return most of the products this Halloween. If they do I recommend the duo shadows even through their were only three versions. I found the VAMP duo (the black is crushed, I'll have to fix it but the red is fine) but I know that Glam Ghoul (the blue/green duo) was destroyed but I did get the chance to play with it before it went *poof* and both were/are VERY pigmented. This is the vampire look I did on my daughter last Halloween using the Vamp duo. I was wrong in how many duos there were, there were nine.



The eyes were done first with the red body crayon called #11093 Red then set with the red Vamp and lined with the black Vamp. Face was ivory foundation by Cover Girl set with a white face powder by Hot Topic (which essentially is pressed talc). Lips lined in Fantasy Makers Enchanting Body Wand - #11092 Black then filled with 11093 Red topped with a red lip gloss from Sephora. Black mascara. Bit of white shimmer powder. Like I mentioned before the red and black are VERY pigmented, TOO pigmented since she had "red" eyes for a couple of days after . I think that was it.


Foundation: Covergirl in the lightest ivory.
Powder: Hot Topic white pressed powder.
Shimmer: L.A. Looks (in Snow White) mixed with a Mary Kate & Ashley shimmer.
Eyeshadow: Fantasy Makers Witch Craft Body Crayon in black and in red to outline the eye set with Fantasy Makers Split Personality Eyeshadow Duos (in Vamp).
Lipstick: Fantasy Makers Witch Craft Body Crayon in black and in red set with a Sephora lipgloss.
Blush: Fantasy Makers Split Personality Eyeshadow Duos (in Vamp)


I also found a site that sells the Fantasy Makers from last year. I've never ordered from them so I don't know if their reputable or not. I'm going to order the duos from them and see how it goes but the order won't be done for like a week or two.




11239 Blue Ice


11256 Snake Charmer


11258 Brazen Babe


11259 Glam Ghoul.gif

11259 Glam Ghoul


11331 Twilight


11332 Vamp



11333 Afterdark


11334 Glam Ghoul


11335 Hocus Pocus


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Great job she looks awesome :D

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How disappointing! Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers 2011 looks to be a deux of 2009 and 2010! Bah!

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