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Mineral Makeup for an affordable (CHEAP) price!?

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I'm really wanting to try Mineral Makeup. I'm also on a VERY tight budget.


I have acne/acne scars/large pores. I really want something to cover my imperfections instead of making them the center of attention. I've heard tons of good things about mineral makeup being able to make that happen.


Two (cheap) brands I have found so far are:


SweetFace Minerals (eBay) - I can find any reviews on this (except the reviews on their website)

freshMinerals (Cherry Culture) - The reviews I have found for this brand are making me want to pass on it.


My birthday is coming up and my family and my beau have all promised me a "Makeup Shopping Spree" (with a limited budget).


I've already got a wishlist and e-mailed them, but when it came to the mineral makeup portion I left it open as I don't know which direction to go with that.


We have a Micabella kiosk in the mall, but they are WAY out of my price range.


Also, I believe E.L.F. has a mineral makeup line that seems affordable. Any opinions on this brands mineral makeup? I have bought other makeup from them (and a store local to me carries some of their mineral eyeshadows that I'm wanting to go purchase).


I'm new to mineral makeup. I've always used a liquid foundation with a powder over it. I live in hot, humid, sweaty Florida so staying power is a must.


As of right now, I'm really considering the E.L.F. mineral makeup, just because they are *to me* the most affordable option.


Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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I have used Maybelline for the past year or 2 and love it.  I've also recently been using this Ebay sellers mineral makeup and it's amazing.  It's less pink than the Maybelline so it blends in really well with my skin.  It has excellent coverage too.  They sell 2 10oz for 13 bucks or 5 10oz for 27 (this one should last a couple years!)

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I def check them out.




Edited to Add:


How would I determine what color I would wear?


My current foundation is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Creamy Natural (Light 5) which is now to dark for me. (I used to tan more, but as I learned that I am more at risk for skin cancer I quite and have begun to lighten up a lot).


I haven't worn any foundation lately (or done my makeup) until I figure out what color I will need.


Edited to Add (Again lol):


I need a good tut on how to apply it. I'm set in my ways with my current foundation, but I've been told that you apply the mineral foundation differently.

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Color for the Ebay seller or Maybelline?

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The eBay seller.


I'll take a trip to the drugstore tomorrow and see if they have the Maybelline in stock.

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They have a color guide here.  I went by the description as well as the picture.  The color was a perfect match for me.

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Maybelline Mineral Power is also really good. It's like $9 at my Walgreens so I would imagine it's less at a Target.

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Originally Posted by Bonnie Krupa View Post

They have a color guide here.  I went by the description as well as the picture.  The color was a perfect match for me.

Thanks! That was what I was looking for, but couldn't seem to find.

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e.l.f. is cheapest, you just missed the -50% on all mineral stuff in their web store (ended on Monday).

Subscribe to their newsletter, I bet the -50% offer will come around again in a month or so - get the entire bundle 50% off. 

A word of warning - e.l.f.'s foundations contain bismuth - may cause an allergic reaction if one has sensitive skin. Color range is also a bit too limited to my liking. Coverage is light to medium. Eyeshadows are AMAZING: definitely get Socialite, Smoldering, Royal, Confident, Earthy, Dreamy, Celebrity and Elegant. Leave the matte ones. I also quite liked the blemish powder and the shimmer powder for highlighting. Blushes are nice too. For pale cool folks like me Pink is just awesome.


For starters I would like to recommend Everyday Minerals's free sample set (you only pay the postage). But I must warn you - although EDMs products are ok, the company itself sucks. For long term (if you decide mineral makeup is something you like) I suggest sampling other indie mineral makeup companies: Alima, Joppa, Lucy, Meow, MAD Minerals, Ocean Mist etc


Those infomercials showing the miraculous disappearance of blemishes are a bit misleading - most mineral makeup will not give you 100% coverage. It is perfect for evening out the skintone and from afar the skin looks flawless. Close up it wont look 100% perfect. It will take quite a lot of time and luck to find the formula that's best for you.



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I use the drugstore L'Oreal mineral foundation. I have oily/acne prone skin and it has great coverage. I was using bare minerals but it got to expensive for me. The only down side to minerals for me is the mess. Loose powder isn't ideal for makeup on the go. I suggest using a product with benzoyl peroxide for your acne problems. It really helped me.

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Hi,Everyday minerals is a very affordable mineral makeup brand, i have never tried it myself ( i need to try it someday ) but i have seen a lot of good reviews about their products :) just search for everyday minerals reviews on google. i hope this could help you:)

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Originally Posted by beautystar08 View Post

Hi,Everyday minerals is a very affordable mineral makeup brand, i have never tried it myself ( i need to try it someday ) but i have seen a lot of good reviews about their products :) just search for everyday minerals reviews on google. i hope this could help you:)

I love Everyday Minerals...it's perfect for work...the colors are neutral yet still pretty!  here is my stash...and swatch of the colors i own









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I absolutely LOVE Beauty From The Earth cosmetics. I pretty much stopped wearing all other mineral products when I found them and I think they're pretty affordable too compared to other companies. :)

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I have a giveaway on my blog, if you would like to enter: *edited by mod* 

The prize is a mineral make-up starter kit.

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SilkNaturals, SweetScents (ebay), Noella Beautyworks (etsy) Brazen Cosmetics(artfire, Etsy), Concrete Minerals (etsy)


Etsy has a ton of MMU sellers and lots of them have stunning colors at affordable prices. Just read ingredient lists really well. When in doubt sample.


Good Luck with your search.

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Hi There!


New to the forum so I figured I would respond to this one!


There are a ton of independent MMU companies out there for a very affordable price! I love Beauty From the Earth - they are fantastic!


There is a brand on Etsy that I have been introduced to that's super cool and that's Vandaleyez Cosmetics. They have super unique colors and collections and they have a good selection of mineral eyeshadows. Don't think they really do much with the face or anything like that, but if you're looking for new and unique colors you can try them.


Vandaleyez - http://www.etsy.com/shop/Vandaleyez


Beauty From the Earth - http://bftecosmetics.com/


Concrete Minerals also used to be on Etsy and they are another really great company. She has since branched to her own website! http://concreteminerals.com/shop/


Good luck with your searching!





Is that eyeshadow on your teeth?

Why yes, yes it is.


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You've got to try the "Smooth MInerals" Collection from Avon. I use the mineral veil. I love it!


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i am using maybelline healthy smooth minerals concealer .. it is light weight , great coverage and get adapts to skin easily and way cheaper than others..


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I have combination skin and it loves Neutragena Mineral Sheers compact powder foundation.The coverage is superb.I've gotten compliments  since I changed my mineral foundation brand.I've never broken out even when I wore it for two days straight.It's only 11.99 and money stays in my pocket so I can spend it on other things =)

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I love my LAMinerals... and you can get their sample sizes at an affordable price to try out all their goodies! icon_cheesygrin.gif

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Elite Minerals are great. They have alot of varieties in eye colors and concealers. They have a really nice collection of foundation and bronzers too. They're not pricey unlike BM but definitely worth your money! 

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I have tried Revlon, Maybelline, and Avon mineral makeup and they work really well for me. I just love how they offer light to medium coverage but don't cake on the face. Avon mineral foundation shades though are darker and their lightest so far is still quite dark for me. I have to agree with Elite Minerals that they really offer great selection of shade! I have their foundation and it works really good so far. No irritation and didn't break me out which is a great deal for me because I have oily yet sensitive skin. You get 30grams of product for $20, what's not to love?! I'm looking forward to trying their other products soon :)

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I've tried Bare Minerals, Cover Girl's mineral powder (I've forgotten the name of it but it was horrible), Mary Kay's mineral powder, Maybelline's Mineral Power, and E.L.F.'s Mineral makeup line. The only one of those that really disappointed me was Cover Girl. I like the E.L.F. mineral makeup just as much as I do the more expensive brands, and E.L.F.'s customer service is really great if you order through their website. The only downside is the colors are limited but you might just get lucky like me and find they work. Warm is a perfect match for my skin tone. 

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I know this thread is a little old but I wanted to jump in, since no one else said what I wanted to say.

There are a lot of independent sites that sell MMU. They tend to be most-well know for their amazing eye shadows, but they also sell blush, concealer, some of them sell lip products. As much as I love Etsy MMU, there are a lot of repackagers on there. 

Beauty From The Earth is a fantastic example, another one is Meow Cosmetics. I've ordered samples of their concealer, foundation, blushes, and eyeshadows and am saving up for a big purchase (and waiting for one of their many sales).

Fryinnae is another example, I haven't tried anything aside from their shadows, but I've heard great things. 

There's a blogger named Phyrra who is The Queen of Indie Makeup. Anyone who wants to know more, including reviews and swatches, should check her site. (Note: I am not Phyrra, lol)

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I also like the two brands of cosmetics.

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I use ELF mineral makeup and have for the past 4 or so years and I really like it. I have incredibly sensitive skin and everything breaks me out but this doesn't.

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Ours isn't cheap....$24.95 a jar. But I did want to suggest that you stay away from ANY that contain bismuth oxychloride. It is a a large particle heavy metal that has to be buffed buffed buffed into the pores, hence the smooth look. This ingredient has a bad reputation of causing acne, even cystic acne.

So...no matter which one you decide on...please heed my warning wink.gif

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Good to know...which companies or products use bismuth?

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Originally Posted by Bflopolska View Post

Good to know...which companies or products use bismuth?

Most of them do! As a manufacturer it would be in poor taste to list the brands that use bismuth oxychloride. All I can suggest is to read the labels, if buying in a store, or read the ingredient information if buying online :)

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I personally love Everyday Minerals. They are a really nice company and you can order 7 samples from them for a penny plus shipping. I tried them out after I had a reaction to bare minerals (they use bismuth) and I was really impressed with their product.

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