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Ulta is awesome for returns!

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I'm pretty darn surprised about how helpful and nice they were about my returns. I did return 2 unused items last week and all they asked "Can we put this back on the shelf?" I said yes because I hadn't even opened the products. 


I went today and was kinda worried. 2 weeks ago I went for the Urban Decay makeovers and I bought the UD Foundation to Powder product and couldn't figure out if I liked it. I have used it about 5 times and I realized that it's just the wrong shade. I went in and told the manager about it (she just happened to be up front) and she was glad to help. I asked her about other foundations or products. She told me I can either exchange it, get a store credit or just get my money back. She said "All we want is for you to be happy"!


I had to share this because I was simply amazed! Returning makeup is usually an issue and returning used makeup is even harder! I will say that the UD foundation rocks, just needed to be the right color. I ended up getting a UD eye primer instead and the rest of my cash back. I was going to get a foundation but since I have the Luminess Air (I still can't believe I won that!!) thing coming, I figured I didn't need more foundation.


So all-in-all, Ulta gets an A++ in my book!

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Oh well this is good news to hear! Thanks for sharing :) I've never had a return at Ulta (yet..knock on wood lol).


I guess the one thing that kinda makes me go "???" is what if someone lied and said it's OK for them to put back on the shelf. Frankly, I don't want pink eye from someone's "unused" eye product. 


It's great to hear about the wonderful customer service though!

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Yeah I was wondering the same thing?? Maybe they just put it in a different bin? Or certain items they don't put back out??

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Wow that's surprising!  Good to know for future purchases!

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I felt bad returning used makeup so I kept wondering why the foundation wasn't blending well, etc. I looked up the color ranges and I'm very pale, they gave me one of the medium cover ranges. I dunno why I trusted her, I guess because it looked okay in the store's lighting.

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I'm happy with their return process also. I bought a hot tools waver a few weeks ago but I lost the receipt, so I was ticked off thinking I just wasted $50. Thought I'd call them to see what I can do and they gave me the corporate office number and they found the receipt and faxed it to the store with in 5 minutes. It was a no hassle return. Very happy.

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