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Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger

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I saw this catalog at my cousin's house last night, it intrigued me - as does anything makeup - then I realized it was just another Mary Kay/Avon/Arbonne type company.


What got to me, was the images they used in their catalog... do they look familiar to you?  Some of you use the brown eye as your avatar.  Look closely.


Then questions popped up in my head - who is this woman, why haven't I heard of her?  Did she originate these popular makeup images or did she steal them off the web?  Is it credible makeup?  Is she just a third party vendor... the pro brush set she sells for $100 looks awfully familiar (Crown Brushes).


What better place to discuss this than here... let me know what you think and if you're familiar with the brand.


Here are some pics.




Motives 1.jpg


Motives 2.jpg


Motives 3.jpg




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Hmmm...good question Dream.  In your third pic, at the top right hand corner, that three pan palette looks very similar to the NYX 3 pan packaging.

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I've never heard of this before and you raise some interesting questions.  One thing I do know is that address.  Its right across the street from the Triad airport (I lived in Greensboro for 3 years).  I'll definitely be checking this out!!!!!

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Judging by the few items in the pics those look nothing more than another re-packager like Two Cosmetics and Bitchslap Cosmetics. I'm not saying they're using Lady Burd but I don't think they make their own cosmetics.

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I thought so too... I'm curious to know.  I would hate for my cousin to spend all this money only to find out she could get it cheaper elsewhere or even better - get a known brand at the same price.


Not only that, but this is a HUGE product line!!


I only took a couple photos of the catalog, but this woman sells everything from brushes, nail tools, nail polishes, everything make up related and even has her own skin care line!  She's just shy of selling jewelry!!! 


I was just thoroughly at awe at this catalog and somehow got a bad vibe - just because these are mostly images I have already seen and also, if this is such a huge line, why havent I heard of it or her before?!


*stumped* help.gif

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If the alarm bells are ringing in your head for this to a "good to be true" situation then listen to it because the chances are that it is. I went to the website and looked around and everything on it screams to me as a repackager. I don't mind people repackaging stuff and slap their own label on it but unfortunately I found that most of those types of companies are unethical because they'll sell something and promote it as safe for (example, eyes) when it's not. Two Cosmetics was the recent one I saw and immediately recognized as Lady Burd. This company doesn't seem to be using Lady Burd but there are companies in China that I'm not aware of that will work with people to package their own lines.


The company is called Motive and it's by Loren Ridinger so here are the websites I found so far.



http://motivescosmetics.com/ redirects to http://motivescosmetics.marketamerica.com/


Supposedly Kim Kardashian is friends with her.


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Yeah I agree it's a re-packager. As far as the images....for them to be in hi-res for print, they can't be a screen grab (as the resolution isnt high enough to product a quality print). Likely those are stock images that you pay to use. 

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Motives is a part of a much larger company called Market America. Market America is a product brokerage company which means they do not manufacture anything at all, they just partner with whoever has the best product in each area and sell it. The company is not "one of those" like Mary Kay or Avon because they are a brokerage company. The compensation plan is totally unique (Mary Kay and Avon are MLM's). The company offers close to 2500 products so you are right Dream, they do offer everything from custom blended foundation to brushes to skin care to nutraceuticals to laundy products, etc. The goal of the company is that you can build a business by changing you buying habits. There are different majors within the business such as focusing on just Motives or you can go the route of working with Doctors and Health Care Practitioners to help them offer scientifically based nutraceuticals for their patients while allowing them to bring in some additional revenue to the office.


Zadidoll, I agree with you 100% that you need to be careful with companies that are out there. If you look into the company further, they have been around since 1992 and have an A+ rating with the BBB. Back in December 2010, they purchased shop.com and added that to their company. They are on base to grow the business to over $1 billion dollars a year with all of the online shopping and products that people get from their web portal. *edited by mod*


I would be more than happy to get anyone's questions answered so please let me know if there is anything further that needs to be clarified.

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Motives is a cosmetics brand made by Market America. They are quite legit and their makeup is pretty awesome too. My mother used to sell Market America products. The makeup line most closely resembles MAC in quality and packaging.



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I have never heard of this company but being a make-up lover I probably would try a few things. I would also do a little research on the company, prices and quality.


With that being said, I have taken pics of 2 items I own and look similar to or are the same exact item she carries. I have also posted pics from her website for comparrison.


Eyelash curler:


Mine came from Haute Look in a NYX set. I LOVE this curler!!!








Brush set:


Mine is a Crown Brush set, purchased from Haute Look as well.







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People listen..the truth is there are only a handful of megacompanies that ACTUALLY manufacture their own cosmetics and almost half of the private label cosmetics worldwide are made by just one manufacturer in the US.


Motives, in fact, is absolutely transparent about the fact that they are a product brokerage company that doesn't manufacture but rather sources out for the best quality while maintaining a pricepoint affordable to the everyday consumer.


That said, the products are likely to seem "similar" or "familiar" as other well known products; many of their cosmetics are virtually indistinguishable from MAC and their skin care line called Cellular Labs is an absolute bargain as compared to 3 Lab sold in Bergdorf Goodman or other high end department stores.

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Love Motives products!


If you've ever had trouble with foundation and finding the right shade, this is your go to. I had my bottle of foundation mixed right in front of me to match my skin tone and skin type with the coverage that I exactly wanted. I've never seen that ever in my years of trying out different makeup brands

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