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I'm also super happy with Benefit's Porefessional! LOVE that stuff. 

I've also been using Missha BB Cream for about a week now and I find it also to be quite effective at minimizing my pores. Might stick to this from now one as it also provides some coverage to even out my skin tone!

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Technique does have a bug effect in the finish you'll get, for sure. Stippling on with a Sigma F82 works best for me. As does using the least amount of product possible. A good powder can also help. I agree regarding ELF's HD powder. It's powdered dimethicone & a few other ingredients, unlike any other powder I have tried before. It blurs the appearance of pores a great deal. I apply a thin layer over top of my finishing powder. I use it just for the blurring effect it gives, not to set my makeup. I normally cannot use any silicone based products, including primer or foundation, but this powder doesn't bother my skin at all. Only $3 for a large jar.

I've also found, to my surprise, that cream-type, wax based foundations work far better than others, especially liquids. At the moment I'm in love with my MAQ Pro foundation palette. Gorgeous gorgeous finish this foundation has. Stippled really well into the skin it looks like natural skin, but better. It also has excellent coverage. This used together with my finishing powder & a light dusting of ELF's HD powder over it works really well.

I personally disagree regarding primer. I hate what it does to my skin - breakout city - and what it does to my makeup. It doesn't reduce the look of my pores at all, either. This stuff is rubbish for me.

And yes, I can testify to the fact that good retinol creams can really refine the texture of the skin a great deal, resulting in the pores looking significantly smaller. It also heals & prevents new breakouts. Love the stuff. And as Zazi mentioned, masks also help me, as does daily exfoliation.
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I use Porefessional by Benefit. It doesn't make them disappear, but it definitely makes a difference! I use it on my nose and chin (because apparently, my chin has giant pores) after I wash my face, it seems to help! I try not to pile on too much makeup on my nose, because that does seem to make it worse..

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Originally Posted by annacristina View Post

I've also been using Missha BB Cream for about a week now and I find it also to be quite effective at minimizing my pores. Might stick to this from now one as it also provides some coverage to even out my skin tone!


I've also been using Missha BB Cream since late Feb -- I absolutely love it!  It works well with my combination sensitive skin, and it does an awesome job of minimizing the appearance of my huge pores (nose + cheeks).

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Try Estee Lauder Maximum coverage and use Bye Bye Pores from IT cosmetics, I have oily, acne-proned skin with pores, and this is amazing!

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It all depends on your skin color. I use Iman and Mac but I use foundation first

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I love Estee Lauder's foundations.  If you go to any of their make-up counters you can get a 7 day sample to see how you like them before you buy.  


I have just recently started following up my foundation with Physican's Formula Mineral Wear Powder in Translucent color.  (I am SUPER fair skinned too).  It makes my skin look flawless!  

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Try Vincent Longo applied with sponge. Use a light touch. Let dry and then use very light powder finish. Touch up with rice powder tissues .
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I do not recommend foundation to cover up pores. 

Rather buy a pore refiner to matte your skin and hide the pores. 

and then put on foundation


I use Dr. Brandt Pore Refiner and L O V E IT 

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I have huge pores too on my nose especially.  I remember when i was in my 20s a lady got on the bus and she had all these little dots on her nose and i couldn't figure out how she got that way... .now i know.


i've tried mineral powder, gell, primers... major brands.


so after reading this forum i'm going to try revlon colorstay.  and the maybelline liquid moose....


there is one mineral type powder that did have some success and that was Lauren hutton.  which i will order more of.  but i find powder to look dry and i want my face to look dewy  i'm in my 40s. 


I have had great luck with Philosophy's perfect for every day use and also as a primer.  but money is very tight so i have to head to  the drug store for the first time in a while.


will let you know...S.

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I concur with others, Benefit Professional and Dr Brandt Pore professional both seem to help. Try some samples from Sephora and see what you think before buying.

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I've been looking for a good light weight foundation for years... I am 50 years and I started experiencing acne and large pores and oily skin in my late 20's.... I've been using very expensive products and everything made my face cakey and my pores looked even bigger.....  I found last year a great foundation, I was shocked it is a very light weight and it covers well and not cakey... it is AMERICAN BEAUTY and its cheap.... 

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Some cheap products work great!

To soften the look of large pores I start with an oil control product, I us super matte anti shine by professional cosmetics, apply foundation, set and then I take a matte powder eye shadow in nude, nude is not the name but a color that is slightly lighter than your skin tone, apply with a soft brush like a goat hair, over the apple area of the cheek and then with a powder puff or a clean piece of sponge very lightly wipe the product off the surface of the skin, the deep areas will still retain the color and create a highlighted effect so the depth will be less noticeable.

You could substitute the eye shadow for a pressed powder that is lighter than your skin tone, but be sure to keep it matte.

This works all the time for me.

Good luck let me know if you try it.

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Originally Posted by princess2010 View Post

I find Skin79 BB cream  with ELF's HD powder makes my pores disappear. Truly awesome stuff. You pat the BB cream in the places where the pores are large and they go away.

I had a similar realization where I thought everything looked fine, using the same stuff forever, then suddenly noticed huge pores and terrible shine.  Porefessional didn't do anything, and primers didn't help.  Tried a bunch of stuff (including Colorstay) with no difference, and then Skin79 pink BB Cream worked for me, too.  LOVE it!  I've used it for about 3 weeks and ordered another to make sure I don't get surprised with a run-out!  It's only about $13.50 on Amazon, and gets here in about a week and a half.

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I agree about Revlon Colorstay. It is actually a very decent product for the price. I think you will have no problem finding a shade for you, as my problem with it is their shades tend to be too light. Another product I'm in love with (much more expensive but lasts forever) is Hourglass Immacualte Liquid Powder Foundation. This goes on nice and light and has great matifying qualities. I have skin that sounds very similar to yours and this is my favorite foundation. It is currently out of stock at Sephora due to a repackaging issue (they are fixing the pump on the bottle cause it doesn't work very well). It is supposed to be back in stores in December. Hope this helps!

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Also thanks for everyone's replies. I amcurious to try a couple of the other products mentioned on here!

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I just got Clinique's Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfecting foundation this week.  So far, I'm really liking it.  It applies smoothly without settling into my pores and does indeed seem to minimize them.  I'd say it gives medium coverage, but is buildable. 

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It is with great interest that I read the responses to this question regarding a foundation that will not enhance visible pores.
Pore visibility comes for many reasons -- not always proper facial cleansing techniques.  Post menopausal woman have this issue as well.

Fair skinned, sensitive skinned people (not just women) generally have allergies to SO MANY products on the market.  To minimize the appearance of my fair, skinned, now visible pores, I use a home galvanic spa by NuSkin, but it is costly to do so. Unlike the asker, I have very dry skin but am also very fair. 
Hoping you find one that works and I will follow your post regularly for advice :-)

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Estee Lauder's Doublewear Stay-In-Place makeup hands down is the best you will use for this particular issue. When I worked as a beauty advisor/makeup artist with Estee Lauder, this foundation was the best for this particular issue and most women would purchase it almost instantaneously because of the incredible results that followed. 

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Yes there are good ways to cover the pores in the morning with foundation or powder, with primers or whatever And it do look great in the morning! Sure! But when you have oily skin this just melts and in a few hours the pores are back and looks huge again.

I have now a different product that I use and that is a cream foundation. I found that this covers up the pores pretty good if you use a good brush and swirl and buff it in the pores (like the tutorial by Wayne Goss). This also has a very good coverage and it stays that way all day long. The only problem I have is the shine! But that can be taken care of with blotting papers etc.

I do not use any primer with this foundation because it doesn't work well with silicone primers.


The cream foundation I use is Kett and that is also from watching Gossmakeupartist on Youtube! :-)

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